14 elements of a good LinkedIn profile

Today, LinkedIn has over 660 million specialists. Needless to say, status out has turn out to be a lot greater complex than it was once.

But there’s no need to fear, as well as this is why I’m here for you. I made this listing of 14 key elements of your LinkedIn profile which all will have a large effect on how many exciting messages, connection request, job gives, and so forth. Youre going to get hold of thru LinkedIn in the future:

Profile photograph

Lets start with the maximum obvious one. A desirable profile picture is essential on LinkedIn. Be certain that its excessive fine, professional, and near enough to make your face easily be recognizable. Its additionally exceedingly advocated to apply surprisingly recent picture rather than some 10-yr-vintage one.

Cover photograph

The duvet picture is likewise a large part of a terrific profile and a completely essential one with regards to the first affect you’ll provide to others. Use preferably a business-like photograph rather than a image from a few seaside paradise.

The fundamental identify underneath your call

The main identify of your profile appears in many locations, and you have to suppose carefully about what to consist of. It has first rate importance in the LinkedIn search engine algorithm, therefore giving more than one extra mind right here is not the maximum silly element to do.

The principal identify is limited to one hundred twenty characters, and I recommend which you use they all. For example, an super way to do this is to listing the keywords that exceptional describe your contemporary job, abilties, schooling, place, enjoy, etc. For example, in the meanwhile, my very own Madrid is simply a superb idea to have your present day location described for your LinkedIn profile, in reality because it is one of the maximum frequently used filters when looking for new expertise for an open position. If you’re between the towns or you’re making plans to transport quickly, then maybe its higher to place the future one, particularly in case you’re searching out a job there because then you definately appear without problems on the ones searches that recruiters as well as headhunters are doing. 


The summary is one of the most critical matters to your profile. Try to consider a way to stand out as well as mainly how to show the vital skills, enjoy, and outcomes of yours. If one among your goals is that humans will get in contact with you, its no longer a bad idea to encompass at least your e mail cope with on the stop of the summary. Pay interest to the keywords as well = the ones phrases that recruiters as well as headhunters are the usage of once theyre looking for people with capabilities as well as revel in just like yours.

Job enjoy

Naturally, the job revel in element is awesome crucial. Try to tell what you have completed and specifically what you have achieved in the job. So,don’t simply list your jobs as well as duties, but also give concrete examples of your foremost achievements. By doing this, you are already giving the reader much more data approximately yourself than the rest of the LinkedIn customers.

I learned a long term ago that it doesn’t mean an awful lot if someone has been inside the control role last ten years. He/she could nonetheless be the worst manager ever. As a headhunter, my job is to dig deeper as well as find out things like what sort of effects this individual has achieved, how excessive has been the employee turnover below his/her control, and how excessive or low has been the worker satisfaction.


Education part additionally performs a key position in the experience that frequently headhunters as well as recruiters use it as a clear out when searching for capacity humans for open positions on LinkedIn. Especially whilst the wide variety of capacity human beings is pretty high, training filter out is an smooth manner to slender down people.

Skills & endorsements

Although the competencies section can feel silly or vain due to the fact all people can put anything capabilities there, the fact is that recruiters and headhunters pretty often check it as well as try to find the proper competencies there. Also, the capabilities element weights in the LinkedIn seek algorithm.

The correct idea is to replace it frequently and put your strongest abilities on the pinnacle of the list, as they’re additionally the ones that get clicked the maximum. The order of the listing is genuinely easy to exchange when wished.

Written suggestions

Written suggestions are a awesome way to make an first rate first affect as well as build agree with. Its a reality that humans trust the phrase of others, even supposing theydon’t recognise them. When you have got fine remarks from different people for your profile, it’ll surely make you more exciting and lowers the bar to get in contact with you.

Its like when you buy some thing online. If there are many unique merchandise to pick out from, most probably, you will purchase the one that has the best quantity of top evaluations. The identical common sense applies here as nicely.


It is likewise a excellent concept to keep updated your language section, as many jobs require as a minimum some English skillability and pretty regularly different languages are plus. A language filter out is also a properly-used clear out most of the headhunters and recruiters.

Network size

The size of the community is critical, specially because it helps you to stand out extra easily. And that is due to the fact whilst Headhunter is searching for capability people, LinkedIn is showing him/her first the first as well as 2nd diploma connections. When you join more, your 2nd-degree connections will grow exponentially.

The length of social networks is likewise starting to play a function in one-of-a-kind duties, and big networks are generally seen as a advantageous aspect. So stay energetic and develop your network all of the time.


Increasingly, your pastime also begins to count number whilst a person will become inquisitive about your profile as well as comes to a decision to appearance a bit deeper into it. From Headhunters point of view, it is occasionally clearly thrilling to see what sort of posts/remarks/likes someone has currently achieved. Basically, with every like, proportion, comment, post, and written article, you’re building your non-public emblem as nicely. Something that we generally tend to forget about pretty regularly.

The URL of your profile

You can modify your profile URL without problems (while you are for your profile, click on “Edit public profile & URL” at the pinnacle proper nook) and make it look lots better while you consist of it on your CV, e-mail signature, and many others.

Mine is ://www.Linkedin.Com/in/teemuruuska/, as well as in case you havent modified it yours, it in all likelihood has your name as well as an extended collection of numbers after it.

Open to new opportunities

On LinkedIn, it is feasible to suggest to recruiters and headhunters that you are inquisitive about new challenges. It can now be discovered for your personal profile beneath the “upload profile segment” and “intro”.

There are already masses of data displaying that by way of turning it on, it’s going to have a totally fantastic effect at the variety of contacts as well as messages you’re going to get on LinkedIn.

Written by way of,

Teemu Ruuska

Director, Co-Founder & Headhunter


://www.Linkedin.Com/in/teemuruuska This article changed into written by way of Sonali