22 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Nail the Call (and Move to the Next Round)

There’s surely nothing extra rewarding than getting a response from an application you sent in for your dream activity asking you to hop at the smartphone for an interview. Not most effective did all of your tough workenhancing your resume, writing a cover letter, putting together writing samples, as well as filling out endless formsrepay, but you’re subsequently going to fulfill the man or woman (or human beings) hiring to your function. Or, uh, properly, hear their voice as a minimum. EXPLORE JOBS AT

ProtectiveLEARN MORE Before you pass from ecstatic to panicked wondering how within the hell you’re going to knock the interviewer s socks off, we ve compiled all the phone interview hints you could ever need to get your self preparedas well as assure you ll get to meet the hiring manager in individual in the subsequent round. Get Clear on the Details Do Your Research Practice Your Answers (as well as Talking on the Phone) Prepare Your Salary Number Create a Cheat Sheet Print Out Other Relevant Documents Gather Your Tools Dress the Part Find a Quiet, Comfortable, as well as Convenient Place Cut the Distractions Factor within the Worst-Case Scenarios Set a Friendly (and Professional) Voicemail Message Charge Your Phone and Do a Test Run Start Off Strong Have Impeccable Manners (and Know How to Small Talk) Lean Into the Pauses Make SureThere’sExcitement in Your Voice Talk Slowly Listen (as well as Sound Like You Are) Jot Down Important Points Send a Thank You Note Follow Up if YouDon’t Hear Back

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Tips 1-thirteen Before Your Phone Interview

1. Get Clear on the Details

This way knowing: The time of your telephone interview (and in what time zone!) Who precisely you ll be speaking with as well as their position (if there’s more than one character, figure out what order you ll be speakme to them in) What number they’ll be calling from What quantity they’ll be calling you at (when you have or extra smartphone strains) Any different touch statistics (like their electronic mail or the company s essential line) you could need if the call drops

If this wasnt spelled out to you, simply ask!There’snothing incorrect with getting some readability on some thing that impacts each of your schedules (and also you ll be grateful you didn’t ought to deal with a missed call or meeting that started out late).

You can send the following email:

Hi [Name],

I m excited to speak with you on [date]! I simply desired to double test what time we’re chatting at (I have [time] [time zone] on my calendar) and what number you ll be calling from. Please allow me understand if there’s anything else you want from me earlier than our name.

Thanks a lot!

[Your Name]

Or you may observe up for your previous conversations with:

Hi [Name],

Just confirming we’re chatting on [date] at [time] [time zone] and also you ll be calling me at [phone number]/I ll be calling you at [phone number]? Let me recognize if I even have that schedule incorrect.


[Your Name]

Oh, and if you want to reschedule for anything emergency reason, use this e-mail template and be proactivein different words,don’t wait till the last 2d to cancel if you may assist it.

2. Do Your Research

Treat it like any other interviewas well as put together, prepare, prepare. Too many human beings make the mistake of winging a telephone interview wondering it’s now not as vital or they are able to take care of it no problem, whilst in fact they find themselves stumbling over their answers and messing up their possibilities.

First, deliver the process description a gander to recognize precisely what function you’re interviewing for and what the interviewer can also ask you about over the smartphone.

Then, do some digging into the business enterprise. Browse their website, Google them to collect a few recent news updates, study their worker testimonials on other web sites (like The Muse!), and scroll thru their social media. Get a sense of no longer simply what your unique function would entail as well as what the crew does, but the business enterprise s records, job, and overall vibe. This will help you in crafting tailor-made interview answers as well as asking considerate questions.

As Muse writer and previous recruiter Rich Moy notes in an article about what recruiters look for in a phone interview, youdon’t want to simply regurgitate the corporation s About page. Rather, locate approaches to tie the organization s values to your very own as well as use that to show off how high-quality a fit your needs are.

Three. Practice Your Answers (and Talking on the Phone)

Next at the list is prepping solutions to any and all cellphone interview questions you might be requested. Once you nail those down, practice answering those other common causes interview questions as well as assemble to three inquiries to ask the interviewer at the very quit.

But preparing for a telephone interview isn’t just about crafting answers to predictable questions you’ll be asked. It’s also approximately knowing the way to deliver those solutions over the telephone. So if you need to make certain you’re making the proper form of impact, cellphone a chum and feature them concentrate on your responses and give comments (more recommendation on running a a hit mock interview here).

4. Prepare Your Salary Number

Yes, this is may come up, specifically if the cellphone interview is an initial screening name with HR. So you ll need to have a smart answer geared up. (But in the event that theydon’t ask, you ll probable need to watch for a later round to bring it up your self.)

Figure out what you’re really worth via using a earnings calculator as well as analyzing this text as well as this one. Then exercise how you ll convey that request by means of studying this newsletter on discussing salary requirements.

And check out this text if you locate your self being asked the (illegal in lots of places!) question, What s your contemporary income?

5. Create a Cheat Sheet

All this facts shouldn’t just take a seat internal your head. One, because it doesn’t have tothe splendor of smartphone interviews is that you could have notes proper in front of you without the interviewer having any clue. And , because we regularly freeze up whilst we’re apprehensive, therefore why positioned your self in the position of forgetting everything?

Take the studies you probably did, the answers you organized, as well as the questions you have and jot them down into a notebook, on a Post-it, or in a one-web page document (we even made a cheat sheet for you!). And keep on with bullet pointsyou in realitydon’t want to be studying your solutions off like a script. That ll just make you sound inauthentic and admittedly make the interview more annoying.

6. Print Out Other Relevant Documents

In addition in your cheat sheet, it would help to also print out a copy of your resume and cover letter, as well as some other data you think you would possibly want to reference (like your profits research). As Muse creator Aja Frost points out, the interviewer can also deliver up factors you made in those documents, and you ll want to recognize what they re speakme about.

7. Gather Your Tools

This can consist of:

A charger Headphones A notepad and pen/pencil (or a computer, if that s the way you choose to take notessimplydon’t spend the whole communique tapping away because that can be distracting) A water bottle A toy to play with (if it helps you cognizanceI m a big fan of the fidget dice)

8. Dress the Part

Sure, taking a smartphone interview in your pajamas sounds appealingin reality, it’s why we adore them so muchbut dressing the element can only add for your self belief. So resist the urge to put on sweatpants as well as choose an outfit that makes you sense like the form of individual who could rock it onthis process. Or as a minimum an outfit that s snug enough and nonetheless makes you experience like a expert. (If you’re taking the call within the office, you ll test this container off no trouble!)

9. Find a Quiet, Comfortable, and Convenient Place

At domestic, this can mean locking yourself in a room that s away from circle of relatives, roommates, or pets. At Work, this may mean reserving yourself a conference room or Breather, finding a coffee keep nearby, or settling on your vehicle or a quiet facet street. Wherever you decide to head, scope it out an afternoon or early for all of the necessitiesa comfortable seat (if to be had); minimal distractions, interruptions, or foot site visitors; true cellphone provider; and an outlet if viable.

10. Cut the Distractions

This goes hand in hand with finding your perfect cellphone interview place. Book time for your calendar therefore humans recognise they are able to t trouble you during that time (as well as make the event private or deliver it a faux name so your boss doesn’t find out what you’re as much as), lock your bed room door therefore your roommates or kidsdon’t come waltzing in, as well as silence any notifications to your smartphone or laptop. If you’re in a public region, attempt dealing with far from a window or towards a wall so that you aren’t distracted via humans walking by or matters occurring round you.

Andthat is keyuse headphones! They’ll reduce surrounding noise and assist you to similarly consciousness at the communicationas well as handiest the communique.

By the way, please do now not consume or chunk gum for the duration of your interview. If you select, set a glass of water next to you for whilst your mouth starts to get dry.

11. Factor within the Worst-Case Scenarios

Your telephone dies. Your interview runs over and someone s looking to tap into your conference room. You get distracted as well as lose your educate of concept. You neglect the whole lot you’ve practiced and feature 0 matters to say.

These are unlikely to occur, however knowing what to anticipate permit you to overcome your worst fears as well as reply proactively have to you need to.

Having the necessities in vicinitylike a cellphone charger as well as cheat sheetcan do wonders on your confidence. And if you’re involved you ll run over, ensure your area is available as well as booked a further 15-30 minutes earlier than and after the scheduled time.

Being scared of speaking on the telephone is regular, so if that s your biggest fear the satisfactory component you can do is practiceover and over again till not anything surprises you. And attempt analyzing this article on overcoming telephone interview phobia, this one on becoming a telephone man or woman , and this one on refocusing when you get distracted.

12. Set a Friendly (and Professional) Voicemail Message

Ideally you ll honestly choose up the phone whilst the interviewer calls. But in case you could t for some thing purpose, you ll want to make the nice impression you could offlineas well as this indicates putting in place a professional voicemail message.

Try something like: Hi, you’ve reached [Your Name]. I’m sorry I missed your name. Please depart me an in depth message as well as I ll go back your message as soon as feasible. Thanks!

13. Charge Your Phone as well as Do a Test Run

You definitely should make sure your cellphone is at complete battery getting indue to the fact no person desires a dropped name. An hour or so earlier than your interview is scheduled to start, also make sure it’s operating properly as well as the signal is OK by way of calling up a pal or member of the family as well as asking if they could hear you all right.

Tips 14-19 During Your Phone Interview

14. Start Off Strong

First, the essentials: Be on time as well as pick out up on the second one or third ring.

Then, nail your creation. You can start out with something like, Hello, this is [Your Name] or Hi [Name], this is [Your Name]. Thanks for calling, it’s awesome to talk with you. Basically, you ll want to mention some thing that ll set the right tone off the bat. Saying Sup or not making it clear it’s you speaking will without delay make the interviewer question your professionalism and conversation skills.

15. Have Impeccable Manners (as well as Know How to Small Talk)

Youdon’t should soar straight into enterprise! At least not if they arent. Feel loose to invite them how their day s going, speak about the weather or your weekend, or attempt a communique starter if it seems natural. Participating in small speak is simply a polite and clean way to hold the good vibes rolling and hook up with your interviewersimply hold it brief as well as commercial enterprise appropriate.

Also, if a few form of interruption or background sound takes place, express regret as well as deal with itbetter to pause than to preserve on obliviously even as the interviewer is straining on the other give up looking to understand what you’re saying. If history noise is unavoidable, mute yourself while you’re not talking.

Sixteen. Lean Into the Pauses

With technology and now not seeing a person face-to-face come all varieties of awkward social momentsnot on time or overlapping responses being one of them. Sodon’t be fearful of moments of silenceit s OK to allow the communique breathe a touch.

When your interviewer asks a query, wait a beat or two earlier than answering them to make certain they re completed speaking. If you can t hear them, with politeness say, I’m sorry, should you’repeat the question? Or Just to make certain I understood you, you asked [question]?

And in the event that they interrupt you, forestall speakme to allow them to finish earlier than speakme once more. If they re doing this, either they re handling technical difficulties or they want to refocus the communication. You’ll want to transition with them so the whole thing you assert is actually heard and understood.

17. Make SureThere’sExcitement in Your Voice

One of the biggest errors human beings make in cellphone interviews isn’t sounding energetic and excited sufficient. Because the character can t see you, you have to Work more hard to reveal which you’re obsessed on the role as well as meeting with them.

To help convey this, use gestures and smile whilst you talk. Both will automatically inject emotion into your voice. Hey, rise up and walk around if that continues you lively. And if something s humorous, laugh! That s allowed!

Of path, you ll want to stability this out by using no longer sounding faux. Keep a watch on how loud you’re speakme and try and lower the extent while you find yourself getting too lively. Practice and getting feedback from friends can assist with nailing this down.

18. But Talk Slowly

I once interviewed with a person who certainly spoke top notch speedy. I loved her electricity, but due to the fact her phrases came out so speedy-fire a whole lot of our verbal exchange consisted of me asking, Could you’repeat that?

Self-consciousness is essential while you’re talking at the phone. With handiest your voice to carry you through, you need to make sure the whole thing you’re saying is apparent and conciseso catch your self when you start to ramble or chatter a mile a minute.

19. Listen (and Sound Like You Are)

Dont be that person who makes the interviewer repeat their questions over and overthat s stressful for everybody worried. Pay interest, exercise energetic listening, as well asdon’t multijob (a.K.A.,don’t be working on something else, or maybe analyzing over your personal notes, even as the opposite person is speaking). This manner repeating applicable factors (write them down if you’really need to recall them) and the usage of fillers like hm, OK, sure, as well as right to express that you’re taking it in.

Tips 20-22 After Your Phone Interview

20. Jot Down Important Points

Take a minute or once you cling up to jot down any remaining notes you want to consider. Maybe they cited a brand new product they launched which you need to check out, or something about the lifestyle you need to follow up on via e-mail, or someone to reach out to. You gained remorse having those in writing whilst you go to write your thank you observe or stroll into the following round of interviews.

21. Send a Thank You Note

Do this, and do it quickly after your call! The same day is right, however an afternoon after at the brand new. There are several containers you ll need to check: Thank them for speaking with you Highlight conversation subjects that caught out to you Reemphasize your ardour for the function and enterprise Keep it brief as well as candy

Here’s an instance:

Hi Jen,

It became extraordinary talking with you over the cellphone nowadays. I without a doubt enjoyed mastering more about The Muse s job to help human beings discover businesses as well as careers they love, as well as in particular loved discussing your vision for increasing the patron product. I d in reality love the opportunity to sign up for your crew.

I look forward to listening to from you about subsequent steps, however please permit me recognise if there’s every other records I can provide within the meantime.

All the exceptional,


For an smooth-to-use template and extra examples, study this newsletter on writing a thank you email after an interview.

22. Follow Up if YouDon’t Hear Back

If youdon’t pay attention from the hiring manager in a week or therefore,don’t hesitate to follow up to peer where they’re in the technique. They may also still be conducting interviews and accordingly have no updates for you, however checking in keeps you top of thoughts after they visit narrow down applicants.

It may want to look some thing like this:

Hi Jen,

I hope all is well! It become honestly excellent speakme with you last week.

I simply wanted to comply with up and notice in which you had been within the hiring manner for the sales development consultant role. I’m still very interested in and enthusiastic about this possibility, so please permit me recognise if there’s anything else you need from me to assist in making your choice.



For extra help on writing this comply with-up electronic mail, take a look at out this newsletter as well as this one.

Talking to a Recruiter? Here’s What You Should Know About That Phone Call

If your cellphone interview is honestly with a recruiter who determined you thru LinkedIn or every other supply, that s high-quality! You’ll need to keep numerous matters in thoughts.

First off, this is nevertheless an interview. It shouldn’t be a formal communique (nor need to most interviews be amazing formal), however you ought to nonetheless do your research, practice a few responses, and put together your own questions. And you ll want to explicit enthusiasm for the opportunity as well as speakme with themeven in case you’re now not sincerely all that interested in the role (you could usually flip it down afterward).

As Muse author as well as career teach Jenny Foss points out, you have the upper hand because the recruiter is rooting which will succeed. So use that to ask for their assist and hints in transferring directly to the subsequent round as well as explicit really your intentions for the function, like your revenue demands as well as perfect set of duties.

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