“My startup job makes me feel like I have an impact. Google didnt.” (The Story Behind a Resume)

Last year, we lost a dear colleague here at Resume. But it is no longer like she is useless to us, or whatever. She simply went off to do cooler matters. Things like developing a vaginal probe in China (which is not exactly true but that’s what she advised us back then ˜…).

But we recognize. Developing a resume builder absolutely does not have the identical ring to it.

Anyway, we idea her tale become amazing and every body would like to listen it too. Which is why we decided to interview her for our blog.

By the way, extra interviews are quickly to follow. Not just with our former colleagues, however additionally with different splendid human beings we’ve got the privilege of knowing. And most of them come from the ranks of youour Resume users.

Oh, as well asdon’t forget to take a look at Barbora’s resume at the bottom of this web page. We although it would be pleasant, , to attach a full tale to a resume like this.Barbora will tell you: Why IT isn’t always only for boys (that might be just silly);How girls are growing a tool it is going to help ladies screen their fertile days;How they take a look at the device on themselves;What is it like to work for an American start up in China and the way’s life there;How to get an internship at Google and get invited to their conferences;And then a few.
What might you tell someone in the event that they requested you about turning into a programmer?

I suppose the most crucial component is to experience it. Studying pc technological know-how actually because you could score a nicely-paid job is silly due to the fact, finally, it turns into stale. In retrospect, I recognize that faculty teaches you to suppose in a positive way. Learning a specific programming language isn’t always a problem, the key’s to know how the standards at the back of it work.I’ve heard you probably did an internship at at Google. That’s pretty cool! How did you get there?

I managed to get there twice for a summer time internship. I despatched them my CV because they’d a program for college novices. Back then I did not get in. Still, they saved my CV inside the database as well as got here lower back to me after I completed my bachelor s. They wanted to understand if I became inquisitive about a full-time job.

Finally, we agreed on a summer time internship. Then the hiring method began, which consisted of numerous technical interviews. After numerous a success rounds, one group needed to choose me. When I implemented for the internship the second one time, I did not should undergo the interview method once more, as it changed into inside 365 days.What precisely did you do in the course of your internship there?

The first time round, I worked mostly on minor obligations for my group. I labored on internal gear to make the facts evaluation easier/clearer for my colleagues and also at the availability of tracking and alerts while something goes wrong.

The 2d time, I labored on a wonderful pipeline that dealt with the consumer statistics and it needed to be optimized and rewritten in some other programming language.What is it like to be a female in such a male-dominated subject?

It’s outstanding, there is in no way a protracted queue for the women room at IT activities ˜‚. Personally, I actually have a very good enjoy. Boys never behaved to me differently simply due to the fact I’m a woman as well as I never felt like I had any downside.

There are plenty of opportunities for us girls too. For example, lady programmers additionally have the chance to wait a convention that Google organizes each 12 months in San Francisco. Even I got there twice thanks to the opposition referred to as Code Jam to IO for Women, wherein a hundred and fifty ladies can win tickets for this occasion. Not most effective they paid for my price tag, in addition they covered a large a part of my travel charges.

Also, I had the risk to work for Google full-time. But as a coincidence, throughout that year a friend of mine encouraged me to a company primarily based in San Francisco. So, during the convention I met a co-founder of the organization and she or he delivered me to their philosophy and what they are operating on.That sounds excellent. Did the enterprise enchantment to you a lot that you decided to work for them right after the assembly in San Francisco?

I wanted some time to think about it, because at first my pal advised me that I could work remotely from Slovakia or perhaps it’d trade with San Francisco. But at the assembly, she knowledgeable me that I’ll should spend a lot of time in China in Shenzhen, which quite surprised me. However, their job attracted me so much that I’ve said to myself that it’s miles a unique possibility. So I went for it.What is the job approximately and what kind of organisation is it?

It’s basically a totally fresh startup based approximately a year and a 1/2 ago. Our first product which we’re currently running on is kegg. It’s a vaginal probe that helps women get pregnant. I am more invested in it than in every other mission that I’ve labored on before. It’s also quite numerous, which means that I can preserve gaining knowledge of plenty of new matters there.

So, essentially you’re programming a software for a vaginal probe.

Yes, but seeing that we’re only 4 builders within the employer, I even have extra obligations. Partly, I work on a firmware that is a software program that facilitates to run our device and I test it at the same time. Also, I work on a server where are algorithms and statistics processing. I additionally manage our website as well as work in Google Analytics.How does the device work?

In the vagina, the female has the therefore-known as cervical mucus, which changes in the course of the cycle and for the duration of the ovulation it modifications so it is permeable for sperms. This length can be calculated but calculations aren’t continually accurate as there are numerous elements which can postpone the fertility section.

With our device, we can immediately hit upon the fluid-shape modifications as well as, primarily based on that, decide whether a therefore-known as fertile window has started. It is simply a segment while the female has the very best threat of conceiving a baby.

The device works by means of putting it into the vagina, turning at the dimension and taking it out after minutes. The obtained facts are sent to the server, analyzed as well as synchronized with the cellular app in a few seconds. Therefore, the person has all of the records in the app and may view all of her cycles in graphs or additionally check the prediction whilst she may additionally anticipate the next menstruation.Does it suggest that its primary use is to inform women after they have the highest danger of having pregnant?

Yes, as well as it is specifically intended for girls who’ve issues getting pregnant and use extraordinary methods to be triumphant. Our first tester already got pregnant via the manner. ˜†Are you furthermore mght trying out it?

Yes, I’m also checking out it. Basically, we have already got an almost purposeful model of the tool, but still, a few new problems are happening as well as we ought to remedy these troubles as well as nice-tune the tool earlier than going to the marketplace.But there’s already other comparable products on the market that do the equal issue. Is your product in any way exclusive?

There are many products which can one way or the other determine fertile days along with bracelets that degree heartbeat, or thermometers for that measure the woman’s temperature during her cycle, as the temperature will increase for the duration of the ovulation. However, these paperwork are regularly very inaccurate and in particular it does no longer work for women who’ve an abnormal cycle.

The point of our tool is that fertile days can be decided by using direct measurement as well as it does now not necessarily need to realize preceding cycles. One product that measures cervical mucus already exists, however it’s far older and looks much worse. It’s a probe connected to a device it’s about a cellular smartphone length, as well as it looks sincerely deterrent as well as outdated. We are looking to create something new, current as well as better.Why China whilst the employer turned into set up in America?

Due to the nature of the product as well as finances. All the important parts have been a great deal greater highly-priced as well as it took tons longer to get them. China’s manufacturing is next-gen, they are able to produce the whole thing quicker and greater effectively. So, we move there for business visits for which we receive Visa for a maximum of two months. During this time, we meet with various factories as well as remedy business affairs with them. Then, we go back for a while to Slovakia or Czech Republic, or sometimes to San Francisco.It used to be that “Made in China” changed into a mark of low quality. Is it nonetheless true?

Of route, we want to be cautious approximately this because we ought to meet certain certifications. We placed emphasis on shopping great components. We continually have the possibility to move without delay to the factory and notice the complete manufacturing technique. At the equal time, we are able to pick out any shortcomings within the assessments that we do.

There is also a excellent book approximately the entire manner of hardware improvement, The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware, written in Shenzhen by the experienced author Andrew Huang. It gave us many helpful recommendations on what to avoid. The author was very interested in this subject matter as well as tested, as an example, SD playing cards that he sold in a couple of shops, and then inspected them to look if they have been fake, what were the variations between them, and so on.What approximately work as well as life there? What do you think are the main differences as compared to Europe?

I do not know if it’s simply due to the fact China itself is so specific, however the startup job is genuinely extraordinary than running for Google. When the cut-off date is nearing, we’re running six-day weeks, ten to twelve hours according to day. But I in no way felt like I did no longer have enough power. So, it’s distinctive in the sense that I work loads extra. But we’ve got not anything else to do in China, so most folks do not mind ˜„.

As for the lifestyles, it is very exclusive. I’ve already experienced a typhoon. Trees have been falling as well as bushes were given ripped out. I have also grown used to the truth that there is no drinkable faucet water as well as that we’ve got to shop for bottled water. I turned into specifically surprised to discover that they have cameras everywhere as well as everybody is being watched, however it’s not impossible to get used to it. Also, people are always looking at their telephones. Almost no person talks at the subway or in the road. It looks like everybody’s residing in their bubble.I wager that working six days per week desires a sturdy dose of motivation.

It’s simplest four of us. That manner there is lot of work and it is also pretty tough to locate a person who would be inclined to journey to China and had all of the important talents. Searching for employees in China is not very logical for us because we need to spend most of our time in the Czech Republic after finishing our product.

The concept for the destiny is to have technical crew in Czech Republic, touring to San Francisco for conferences and most effective a part of crew running on hardware travelling to China.You’ve compared running at a startup vs. Google. Which do you select?

At Google you typically do simply one element. It is true that you could rotate inside the groups or initiatives, however maximum of the time you could exchange it after a year spent in one team. Job for startup is a lot greater various and, mainly, I sense like I actually have a miles larger effect on the arena. But of route, Google also has its benefits.You appear to be inspired by the reality that operating on such product will help many women.

Absolutely. What motivates me the most is the reality that I can impact in which the improvement is going as well as also the truth that everyone in the company definitely cares approximately the product itself.

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