Avoid these mistakes if you want to be selected

The following is simply a list of mistakes made by means of jobseekers which are often seen at some point of the recruitment process, as well as which are terrific approaches to noticeably decrease your opportunity of being decided on and touchdown a job:

Sending the applying too overdue

In different words, not even sending it overdue, however waiting till nearly the final day to use. Very regularly, recruiters do no longer wait till the closing day, but start to interview applicants from the first actual day of the recruitment technique. This also way that the bar generally rises on a continuous foundation. When some accurate applicants have already been interviewed, it’s miles very tough to get yourself into a job interview due to the fact the recruiter is now just seeing folks that are best fits to who they are saying they are on paper.


Arriving late to a process interview

Sure, this is apparent, but it still takes place every now and then. It’s no longer the fine manner to begin the feasible adventure into a new business enterprise by coming overdue to the primary job interview. And saying that it wasnt your fault, but alternatively the bus or educate changed into late, will now not do any top. If this occurs, the excellent element to do is to be extremely sorry which you have made others wait, as well as say that it’s not a dependancy and will no longer appear once more.

Saying bad matters about your preceding corporation, colleagues, supervisors, and so on.

Even if it’s authentic, it’s worth taking into consideration another cause why you are looking for new opportunities. Despite being the complete truth, try and provide you with some thing else. Saying poor matters about your preceding corporation, colleagues, supervisors, and so forth. Can and could display you in a bad mild. You speedy mark your self as someone who s in no way wrong and the troubles exist in different people.

Lack of data about the enterprise you’re making use of for

Too frequently, a candidate comes to a job interview unprepared and has almost no records approximately the business enterprise. Preparing your self and knowing the basics approximately the organisation is important for a great candidate. This helps you supply a outstanding impression.

No questions requested in a job interview

This is sort of the identical thing and is often related to the previous paragraph. The reality that a candidate has no longer done any historical past research normally ends in him/her to be unable to provide you with any desirable questions while the time is right. This particularly tells the recruiting organization that it is not always the most exciting corporation or assignment for the candidate.


Particularly in headhunting tactics, this takes place pretty frequently. When meeting the headhunter for the primary time, a candidate repeats again and again that there’s no reason for him/her to alternate jobs, as well as the principle cause for being there may be simply to know what sort of role it’d be and the incentives provided. This handiest ends in the scenario of the headhunter dropping interest and the candidate dropping an possibility that would be once in a life-time. For the expert headhunter, it is greater essential to convey proper, stimulated candidates to the patron than folks who seem best on paper, however are just complete of themselves.

Taking tests past due

It is very common causes for positive types of persona checks to be achieved during the recruitment technique. Quite frequently nowadays, these exams are online-primarily based, which means that that candidates can do them each time it excellent suits them. However, every now and then and for one reason or every other, a candidate does not get the checks executed in the agreed upon time-frame. Then, whilst requested approximately the motive for this, there are various factors of how he/she could not locate the time. Normally, those testsdon’t take extra than an hour or two, therefore the image the candidate is projecting to the organization is quite questionable.


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Teemu is simply a Director of World as well as has been operating in the recruitment as well as headhunting enterprise seeing that 2009. Teemu is from Finland and got here to Spain in 2014 to installation as well as open new headhunting places of work in Madrid, as well as later in Barcelona. Since 2016, Teemu has been specializing in designing, developing, as well as going for walks the new World International Headhunting Network, which already covers over 30 nations.

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