Badass Resume of Katniss Everdeen (Infographic)

Either you’re a huge fan of the Hunger Games, or you have never seen nor study any of it. Resume of Katniss Everdeen will hobby you…

This young (now truly a touch bit older) lady has never had it easy in her lifestyles.

She become born into the kingdom of Panem positioned in what changed into once called North America.

Her great story takes vicinity in now not up to now, but brutal destiny…

When Panem took manage, they created the Hunger Games. It is meant to with the aid of an annual reminder of authority and punishment for rebellion.

Every one in all 12 districts has to pick a boy and a woman to participate in the Hunger Games. All of the 24 individuals fight to the dying in arenas, till there’s simplest one left. The hardest one.

Katniss turned into pressured to research her exquisite looking talents with a view to offer meals for her family in those difficult times.

She had no concept, how important her capabilities could be  inside the future. She was chosento be the part of the 74th Hunger Games…

This is what her resume would seem like after her survival inside the brutal Hunger Games. Everyone desires to discover a job subsequently so as to live to tell the tale 😉

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