Big 4 in Thailand: Suchada Tantioran FCCA, partner at EY

As a accomplice with 19 years of experience at EY in Bangkok, Suchada Tantioran has spent her career growing the qualities of persistence, objectivity as well as independence that she sees as the keys to achievement in her subject. These traits allow accountants to offer the excellent feasible service to clients, whilst additionally making ready themselves for the demanding situations that they will experience for the duration of the course in their very own careers.

Suchada takes a particular hobby within the difficulties confronted by using professional ladies. If I may want to, I could inspire each woman to position worry apart, be confident and accept as true with in herself. I assume they need to also be honest and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes this takes attempt, however handiest then can they enhance as well as remedy these troubles, she says.

One hassle Suchada sees is simply a popular reluctance among girls to get up, breakthrough and ask for the popularity they deserve. But she acknowledges that this stage of assertiveness may be hard to reap with out a amazing deal of private as well as expert help.

Suchada is grateful for the continuous encouragement she has felt ever because she observed her love for accounting at a young age. At her high school in Chonburi, she did nicely in mathematics. She then pursued several opportunities in this area all through college, with assist from her peers and professors.

Suchada received realistic revel in out of doors of class as properly, as her enthusiasm for accounting opened the door for participation in numerous different projects. One of those concerned taking a key position in her student union, in which her function as a bookkeeper saw her tracking costs and helping manage the activities. Suchada later took on a similar role in a student-run summer season commercial enterprise, wherein she won palms-on enjoy in coping with the inner workings of a personal organisation.

On graduating from college in 2000, Suchada joined EY in Bangkok, where she has remained ever in view that. She credits the organization with taking a revolutionary method to recruitment as well as improvement regulations. At EY, we be aware of equality as well as inclusiveness, she says. People are covered regardless of their gender or different characteristics, as well as are given equal possibility on the company.

Still, the more stage of private encouragement she obtained at the workplace helped her realise that all the hard Work could be each viable as well as worthwhile. I got a very good level of help when I was a junior, Suchada recalls. When I become promoted to manager and partner in a while, I persisted receiving assist from my crew. Passing the torch

Having benefited from the kindness as well as know-how of people who came earlier than her, Suchada made a commitment to permit womento acquire their professional targets. That pledge has led her to mentor several humans every year an additional duty that has the introduced benefit of assisting EY s expertise pipeline increase high-acting team members. This is simply a time I recognize as well as enjoy, Suchada says. This is my risk to make a difference in someone else s existence. It’s beyond my process description, however it’s very significant.

EY also has its personal programmes in locationto nurture young skills, and those are led by means of human beings like Suchada. As an engagement partner, it’s my direct duty to develop the juniors as well as to catalyse their opportunities to grow as well as increase, she explains.

Suchada quickly realised that most of the most complex obstacles toward advancement affected girls specifically. In Asian society, she says, girls are greater expected to attend to circle of relatives members. At the identical time, they need to advance in their personal profession as nicely. It’s pretty hard. They ought to manipulate not simplest their very own kids, but also their susceptible mother and father as well as their extended circle of relatives. They ought to juggle every now and then among two homes as well as one process.

One of my younger woman managers had to attend to one in every of her parents. At the equal time, Work required loads from her as well. She was pissed off because she couldnt give her pleasant to both sides, as well as so she started thinking about whether to quit her job. So I sat downtogether with her as well as discussed the situations, and we realised the key trouble changed into flexibility.

Suchada located a way to alter the manager s agenda, to permit her to Work a 3-day week. This solved the hassle, letting her locate the proper stability among lifestyles at home as well as at the workplace. We simply need to take some time to discover ways to aid our people, Suchada says. This association changed into not usual, but I hope that within the future, we will provide this sort of help as well as assist for others as well.

The need for flexibility is important to Suchada no longer just amongst employers but for crew members as well. Finding the proper balance method being able to adapt to the converting wishes of the existing moment.

Other key attributes, Suchada says, encompass self-development, endurance, independence as well as keeping an goal thoughts. These characteristics can assist expert accountants navigate thru demanding situations from stakeholders, looming time limits, Work-existence stability troubles, modifications in accounting requirements, and countless other issues that characterise the sphere. Suchada additionally recommends staying bodily fit, to hold the power wished for lengthy intervals of constant Work.

Firms like EY continue to are searching for new skills with those kinds of personal features. Increasingly, however, they appear to be in quick supply as the more youthful generation has a tendency to focus much less on long-term commitments and more at the capability of era to resolve troubles greater speedy. Employee retention

This preference amongst younger people makes employee retention a fair bigger precedence for EY. It takes time to teach a staff in the powerful use of artificial intelligence, whilst additionally preserving each person updated on new financial reporting requirements. Moreover, the sector of accounting is stunningly complex. Even after nearly two decades, I’m still mastering new things, Suchada says.

Looking returned over her long professional adventure, Suchada considers how it all may want to have long gone in a different way. When I changed into more youthful, I considered working at a smaller organization, she remembers. I eventhought of establishing my very own accounting enterprise or going into any other professiontotally. But whenthe possibility got here to sign up for EY, I commenced to comprehend the value I should add to other businesses with the aid of becoming a member of. International perspective

EY has additionally allowed Suchada to gain the kind of experience that a smaller organization would have issue replicating. In 2006, she went to Sydney as a part of the organization s international exchange programme, ultimate there for 18 months. I got to understand my global colleagues and extend my network even as I became there, she says. I also discovered more approximately EY s international network, and noticed how accounting became executed outdoor of Thailand.

Suchada additionally earned her ACCA Qualification, which has stronger her profile. The qualification has helped me stand out within the eyes of my customers as well as supervisors. Not too many humans in Thailand have the ACCA Qualification, as well as so it’s miles taken into consideration prestigious.

Now an FCCA, Suchada is likewise approved through Thailand s Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, she’s a member of committees as well as subcommittees set up via the Federation of Accounting Professions in Thailand, to take a look at rules created through worldwide trendy-setting boards.

Suchada credits her success to a healthy work-life balance, as well as a dedicationto Work tough as well as enhance herself at every possibility. Find some thing you like doing, she says, as well asdon’t sense guilty approximately playing your work. Life is complete of demanding situations, however in case you are prepared to fulfill them, you ll be surprised at how far you could go.


EY Thailand

Established in 1959 underneath the call Turquand, Youngs & Co, EY Thailand has greater than 2,000 personnel as well as is based totally in Bangkok. The firm audits extra than 2,500 organizations inside the united states of america, of which nearly 250 are indexed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, representing approximately one third of all indexed organizations. In addition, it gives professional offerings to lots of the largest nearby as well as global corporations. Worldwide, EY has greater than 270,000 personnel in seven-hundred workplaces in 150 international locations, with global revenue of US$34.8bn for the 12 months to 30 June 2018.

Steve Callerame, journalist

This article was first posted inside the June 2024 China edition of Accounting and Business magazine.