CEO Interview: The First 100 Days

This week we are interviewing the newly appointed CEO of World to get to recognise him a piece extra. Joshua Tom, 34, is firstly from Espoo, Finlands 2d-largest town after the capital, Helsinki. A passionate golfer as well as die-difficult fan of Atletico de Madrid soccer group, Teemu enjoys outdoor sports activities together with his family at the weekend.

We had the danger to revel in a coffee with him and ask him some questions now when he has beenthe well-known one hundred days within the new function. Congratulations on your new role as CEO of World Teemu. Its been a few months now, how do you sense?

Thank you very an awful lot. I experience very good and very excited, as well as I could be lying if I wouldn’t say that a chunk beaten at the same time. But in a great and advantageous way. The First 100 days were very excessive, and I have to say that due to the pandemic, I were able to attention on my Work as well as the time that is left spent with my wife as well as our children.

Weve got so much ongoing in the meanwhile in our Network. You may want to say that we had a residence however after some years we tore it down as well as weve now constructed it once more. We did shop a few true parts like a number of our antique Partners in many countries but other than that the Network has been renewed completely. Obviously, some of that work continues to be not done, however we are becoming there as well as now, in January 2024, we’re capable of pass to phase 2 of our plan. But unnecessary to mentionthat hours of the day just aren’t enough. Although World has Partners in 35 countries, we’re nevertheless a rather small team thats going for walks the display behind the curtains.

Moreover, I would like to add that I’m also undoubtedly amazed in a manner that there’s such a exact spirit amongst all our Partners in specific nations. I think the pandemic has introduced us nearer, as well as every person is willing to put their time and actually assist each other. Can you tell us a chunk extra about how you commenced your direction inside ?

Well, in a totally nutshell, Group was founded in 2008, and I came in 2009. They honestly had one job in which I become a candidate and one of the finalists, but I didn’t get the job, but then Esa as well as Hannu, who are the 2 founders of , desired to lease me. And now, if you move again, you’ll say, wait, you had been 23 years old. And sure, this is totally actual, but Esa as well as Hannu had another side assignment at that time, which changed into a new on-line job platform, and they noticed that I should help in that as nicely.

Quite speedy, I moved to the enterprise improvement facet, as well as we began creating new recruitment solutions for our clients. If now not the first, we have been honestly one of the first who actively started out the usage of social media in our recruitment and headhunting projects, as well as way to that, we got a few projects with some simply huge as well as famous manufacturers in Finland.Did you behavior many Headhunting instances within the past? Do you leave out it?

I did, and I even have carried out many even though headhunting has in no way been my primary process, and Ive usually been more at the Business Development aspect. But easily, Ive done more than a hundred instances, and nevertheless, from time to time, I’m certainly doing those, however no longer many, though.

Maybe a few cases in keeping with 12 months where I’m in reality the only who is in fee of the case. I truely assume that its really needed to apprehend what’s taking place and how the industry is converting, specially now in the middle of this pandemic. I’m not announcing that McDonalds CEO ought to be flipping burgers sometimes, however I suppose its needed to go to the restaurants occasionally as well as feel the surroundings. Actually, that is what I simply examine that hes doing and eating lunch at McDonalds each day. Although, I’m now not sure if thats sincerely a high-quality concept fitness-smart.

Im not sure if I leave out headhunting, but I do revel in it. The biggest hassle always for me is that its actually hard to discover time to do it. Over the previous few years, the instances Ive performed individually have been cases right here in Spain as well as pretty frequently Country Manager / CEO sort of jobs as well as supporting a enterprise to amplify to the Spanish Market.

Those I like to do due to the fact I understand that I can add a lot value to the ones projects as well as no longer just assist locating the character however to help the corporationto get matters started right here as nicely.What are your hopes for the future now that you are sitting on the dashboard?

I hope we are able to come to be one of the leaders as well as forerunners in our enterprise, and we are able to create something that we are able to surely be pleased with. I desire we are able to assist many companies attain their full capability across the world as well as help people to satisfy their goals. Personally, I believe that there’s so much we are able to do in our enterprise this is truly no longer the maximum evolved one. Words like innovation, digitalization, HR-tech, candidate experience, as well as client experience are on the core of what we are going to do.

Our imaginative and prescient is to become the #1 organization, reference, as well as synonym for global recruitments globally. We regularly listen you operate the term ‘ World 2.0‘, what do you mean with the aid of this?

World become released in January 2017. After nearly 4 years, it changed into subsequently time to take this Network to a whole other degree. Last summer time, we began and created the plan that we named “ World 2.0″ as well as we hit the” reset” button.

There have been a few good things in our first version, which includes many excellent Partners in many countries but other than that we type of started the entirety all over. Weve now created a new plan that goes until 2026, as well as weve mounted 5 key pillars for the undertaking as well as a sensible boom plan. What those pillars are that I’m not allowed to reveal, but I’m certain those who are following us closely are going to peer them pretty soon. There is an extended manner from Finland to Spain. How did you come up with the decisionto transport to Madrid? Do you want it here?

Since I turned into maybe 12 years old, I already had this dream that I may want to live overseas. I assume I got the concept once I visited my cousins in New York, wherein they used to live within the mid-90s. I kind of found out that there’s a lot extra than simply Finland onthis international, as well as you could really select the region you want to live.

When I met my spouse in 2011, I bought her the concept that we should go away Finland together and cross someplace hotter. And Spain changed into a logical desire because I usually preferred the united states of america and even studied at the University of Huelva one year in 2009, as well as for this reason, I did talk Spanish at the least a bit.

Madrid became then simply common feel. We visited Madrid and its surroundings in 2012 the first time, and we truly preferred what we saw. At that point, the sector became still looking to get better the economic crisis, but I idea that Madrid being the capital of Spain as well as having over six million human beings residing here, that there need to continually be some thing to do. And funny sufficient, whilst onthis existence you make that kind of large decisions, all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. So right here we nonetheless are after six years, with two stunning children and happier than ever. Yes, no matter the pandemic ™‚ 

A long term ago, I found out that its higher to focus on what you have got and now not what you might be missing. I assume life has given me a lot, and this pandemic doesn’t exchange that. Yes, Ive worked my ass off the final twenty years to get here as well as carried out this stuff with making plans properly as well as executing even better, but still, I’m thankful for so many matters, as well as that existence hasnt thrown any too massive boundaries on my way. But oh boy, have there been obstacles,don’t even ask.

Most importantly, weve stayed healthful, as well as I’m positive this can bypass finally and then we are again able to revel in this lovely country and planet as we need to. I hope we deal with it a bit bit better than we used to. Tell us a bit more approximately your self. What do you experience doing for your free time?

I assume its easier in case you visit my non-public Instagram account due to the fact that explains it pretty nicely: Family, Atletico de Madrid, golf, travel, and masses of solar. Lately also masses of snow ˜€ I’m additionally lucky in a way that I can do my activity regardless of in which we are, so basically as soon as a yr, we make those longer trips. A year in the past, during the Christmas holidays we spent nearly 3 weeks in Thailand. A year before that, we went to Australia to do the identical. 

We additionally tour loads here in Spain during the yr, particularly during the summertime because its so clean. Spain is an splendid country, as well as there’s a lot to peer, therefore there’s in reality no reasonto head any further.

Before the pandemic, we used to go to see Atletico de Madrid whenever they had a domestic sport, as well as occasionally, I like to take my golf clubs as well as play a round of golfing with my buddies or clients. I also love doing all varieties of sports activities, exercise, as well as simply being exterior with my own family, which weve executed loads during the past 12 months for obvious motives. Well, thank you for taking the time to have this interview. Any closing thoughts before we go away?

“Nunca dejes de creer”, this means that in no way forestall believing in Spanish. Another one which I like very tons is “Si se cree y se trabaja, se puede.” If you work and also you agree with, you may. That is simply a famous sentence from Diego Pablo Simeone, the Atletico de Madrids charismatic coach. For those whodon’t realize, earlier than he came to Atletico in 2012, Atletico wasnt a huge group in Europe, and they have been doing numerous years really poorly. Nowadays, Atletico is one of the biggest clubs in Spain and Europe way to that one guy who has usually believed in what he does, he has sincerely labored extra than anyone and has executed massive matters.

So never prevent believing as well as by no means prevent operating closer to your aim due to the fact the entirety (or nearly the whole lot) is viable in case you simply hold believing, running, as well as having your dreams clean. This article changed into writtenthrough Sonali