Even Santa Has a VisualCV


Heres how Santa straight away captures attention along with his suave, on-logo VisualCV :

“I’m a pro international logistics executive with a 300-year observe report. I work on the perfect degree to verify constant supply each and every time. I take enormous pride within the holiday season customer enjoy and thru my efforts, strive to make sure that the joy of giving as well as receiving remains related in our digital age. I enjoy running with animals, children and elves.

I’m also fortunate sufficient to have an overly recognizable personal emblem which has led to numerous work in promoting as well as symbol licensing, for greetings cards in particular. I used to be keen to take regulate of my personal emblem on-line and also increase my career networking opportunities via development my very own VisualCV, after all, no-ones job is assured 100% this present day.”

His work historical past contains “Advertising Frontman for Coca-Cola”.

His abilities include: Driving a flying reindeer sleigh Chimney entry & go out

I hope his VisualCV brings him permanent on-line emblem visibility as well as job safety.