Executive Job Seekers Beware. Some Online Job Board Postings Are Not Legit


In her fresh Wall Street Journal article, It Isnt Always a Job Behind an Online Job Posting, Sarah Needleman advises:

If youre launching an online job hunt for the primary time shortly; take caution. What would possibly look like an ad for employment may lead to something entirely other, like a troublesome promote for occupation products and services or job-training manuals. Or worse, it may well be a plan through identity thieves to get you to share sensitive personal information by means of “phishing” expeditions. Some of the job postings — infrequently for positions long filled — also could be from recruiting companies taking a look to collect resumes.

A case in point used to be one job seeker spotlighted within the article who took the bait as well as drove a distance to satisfy the companys recruiter, handiest to find himself being attentive to a pitch for a occupation provider. No job existed.

Despite efforts to weed out the sham commercials, some deceptive commercials end up on job forums anyway, because scammers are adept at learning the best way to evade the most recent filters set to knock them out. Theyre a devious bunch who keep coming again as well as trying new techniques.

If youre unsure whether or not an advert is honest, the item provides some ways to give protection to your id while responding.

Fortunately, there’s tip-offs indicating that an ad is prone to lead you to a dead end. If you dont supply out exclusive data, responding to this type of bogus ads will probably simply price you time and effort.


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