Heres the Resume of Luke Skywalker: Would you hire him?

By this time, you ought to have watched all of the Star Wars movies as well as be well organized for extremely predicted Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Did you realize, that at the beginning Luke Skywalker turned into named Luke Starkiller? And he changed into imagined to be a female? George Lucas changed this individual many times before his very last picture.

One of the character bureaucracy became a 65-yr-antique army popular.

Fortunately, the entirety were given at the right route and Luke Skywalker come to be one of the most cherished characters inside the universe.

Another interesting aspect is, that there were now not therefore happy exchange endings.

Inthe primary one, Luke died and Leia was alleged to keep the job.

Inthe second, Luke places his father’s masks on, and turns to the darkish side.

Luckily, the whole lot ended luckily as well as Luke became a hero. After properly-earned relaxation, he became bored of an regular lifestyles.

That’s why he became a passionate job seeker developing THIS AWESOME RESUME.

Feel like sharing this tale together with your friends? Go for it! May the Force be with you.

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