Here Is the Resume of Kanye West: Would You Hire Him?

Kids in recent times might be oblivious to names like Jimi Hendrix or Freddie Mercury, but they positive as hell recognize who Kanye West is.

All over the globe, Kanye s megastar is rising therefore rapid he s no longer just the guy married to the woman with a butt so large it broke the net .

People even stopped confusing him with Kenya. Without doubt, Mr. Kanye West a.Okay.A. Yeezy, Ye and whatnot is simply a large deal.

You may have heard of him ruining other human beings s attractiveness speeches, telling human beings in wheelchairs to rise up, publicly insulting his showbiz fellas or being the father of the first child ever named after one of the intercardinal instructions.

Kanye is the total bundle. He s not only a rapper, manufacturer and musician. He s a businessman who does his enterprise well (notwithstanding the reality he s stated to be in $fifty three million debt).

He s a trendsetter. He s hot. He is aware of his style. He s bold. Sassy. Quirky. And yeah, he s nuts. Kanye has all of it as well as he is aware of it. Maybe that s why he plans to run for US president in 2024.

Whether Kanye seems to be a president material or now not, we ll see approximately that.

But if he ever makes a decisionto alternate the scene as well as practice for a activity, he wouldn’t should bother with writing a resume. Resume made one just for him.

Intrigued by using the resume of Kanye West? Let’s display him that know-how certainly has bounds. Browse thru our abundant stock of resume samples as well as allow your very own credentials do the actual talking.