How to Decline a Job Interview (With Tips and Templates)

When a recruiter emails as well as invites you to interview for a activity, your break up-second response can range from YAY to ugh. Inthe occasion of a YAY, next steps are quite straightforward: You respond, schedule it, prepare for it, as well as shine shiny like a diamond. The ugh course is murkier. If you’re hesitant due to the fact you suspect you’re underqualified, or overqualified, or now not that into it, or that the pay might not be pretty right, it’s still suitable practice for destiny interviews in which you’re excited. What's the best process for you?

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Calculating your job suits…Bypass It’s just thattime. Time is oftenthe motive. You re busy, we get it. But what do you are saying? Is there a way to mention now not now, but leave the door open? Yep, there’s. And it’s quite easy.

Here, we ll unpack when as well as why it’s OK to say no an interview as well as no longer sense any guilt over it. Then we ll help you pen your response email (with templates). Exhale. Let s cross:Is it unprofessional to decline a process interview?


I ll intricate: An invite is an invite. Just just like the wedding invitation in your 2nd cousin s nuptials in New Zealand, you could decline. As lengthy as you’re well mannered and professional, they received t take it for my part. (As for your second cousin, no remarkwe ve seen all of it.)

And simply, which is less expert: An e-mail with a slightly longer model of No, thank you ? Or losing a recruiter s time by attending an interview that your heart isn’t in? When ought to you decline a job interview?

When you feel, deep in your intestine, that it’s no longer the way. But if you want help putting words on your emotionsor calming yourself with a few more motives why you virtually can flip downthat interviewrecollect these:1. You ve general some other activity offer.

You re a hot commodity as well as hiring managers know it. Someone else got to you first, with a sweet offer you gladly normal. But you havent shared some private information on Twitter/Threads but, therefore different corporations may additionally nevertheless trickle via your inbox. Below, we ll proportion a template that conveys your contemporary fame in a deferential manner.2. You ve exposed sufficient deal breakers.

Could be that the recruiter is going months between emailing you, or you examine that most employees are operating impossibly lengthy hours. If you’ve got encounter more than one red flags inside the application or preliminary interview process, believe your gut as well as decline, says Muse career coach Heather Yurovsky, founder of Shatter & Shine, whose coaching focuses on resumes as well as interview prep.3. You’ve narrowed in on what you want next.

Yolanda Owens, Muse professiontrain and founder of CareerSensei Consulting, frequently has customers who hear back about a process they implemented to months in the pastafter they had been applying to whatever and the whole thing but who ve since began removing lower-precedence opps. Perhaps you’ve realized you’re competitive for extra senior-level roles, or you’ve in any other case pivoted your seek, says Owens. It may also make sense to have a conversationto hold the door open, but if you’re gaining traction somewhere else, hold moving forward.Four. Your lifestyles plans changed.

Time by no means stops, which includes in the time between submitting an application and hearing approximately an interview. Maybe you need to scale back to part-time work at the same time as being concerned for a unwell parent, or your companion got a new role as well as now you’re transferring across the u . S . A .. If you’re enthusiastic about the position you’re being invited to interview for, you may see if there’s any flexibility to house your new situationsin any other case, it’s absolutely truthful to choose out.Five. Your work plans changed.

Imagine, for a moment, that your boss clearly came thru for you. Anthrilling promotion or getting grunt Work off your plate can recalibrate how keen you are to find a new process. If you’re beyond thrilled with your new direction and may no longer imagine leaving, or need to put your electricity into your modern obligations, via all means, flip downthat interview.6. You can t (ordon’t want to) put inside the time to put together.

If you’re no longer actively looking or you’re thinking about an interview for a function where you sense lukewarm approximately at first-class, it’s OK to mention no, particularly if you feel youdon’t have the bandwidth to prepare due to the fact you’re overextended in the intervening time, says Muse professiontrain Emily Liou, founder of Cultivitae and a former recruiter with experience hiring at Fortune 500 businesses as well as startups.How ought to you decline a process interview?

Here’s your tick list:1. Make positive you’re positive.

Without a great reason, that is probable a no take backs situation. Consider your motives for now not trying the activity and make certain they re reliable. And ask yourself if there’s any motive to interview besides. You clearlydon’t want this to be a exercise spherical, right?2. Reply right away, is reasonably.

Keeping the company ready too lengthy (as in, extra than 48 hours) ought to pass you into unprofessional territory, considering the fact that they’ll need to understand ASAP if you want to fit into their schedules or if they need to reach out to different applicants. Aim to respond within a few days, so it looks like you’ve giventhis cautious thought and consideration (even in case you right away thought, Hell no ).3. Start with gratitude.

Even if youdon’t need to work there, it’s still excellent that this man or woman recognized how extraordinary you’re, proper? Start off your email positively and graciously with something like, Thank you so much for taking into account me. Since I despatched in my application 4. Keep your reasoning indistinct.

No want to head quote their anonymous opinions or lead them to examine via all the reasons you’re psyched about a extraordinary job. Stick to a You re glad for your contemporary function, kinda thing. Hey, in case you end up furloughed the following day, you could need to circle again, as well as that ll be manner simpler if you havent simply informed them all the motives youdon’t need to work there.5. Suggest a person else.

If you recognize a person else who is probably interested in the position, it’s a chic move to present the recruiter a brand new lead. And it will really depart themand the man or woman you’referwith a fantastic influence of you. (P.S., It’s now not a terrible concept to give that man or woman a heads up.)4 first-class templates for declining a process interview

OK, we ve arrived at the good stuff. Use these templateswhich we ve created with our coaches enteras a jumping-off factor. Feel free to mix as well as healthy!1. The email template for while youdon’t need to do the interview

Hi [Name],

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my application and welcoming me to interview for the [position] role at [Organization]. However, I regretfully need to withdraw my application from this process.

Thank you again for your time as well as attention, as well as I hope we can stay connected.


[Your Name]2. The e mail template for when you’ve normal any other job provide

Hi [Name],

Thank you so much for attaining out! I’m thankful for the time as well as consideration you’ve given my application for the [position] role. However, I currently regular a proposal from another organisation.

I wish you the fine of good fortune filling this function and desire we can keep in contact. If whatever changes in the destiny, I ll truly attain out in case the timing is right on each facets.


[Your Name]3. The email template for when your scenario has changed

Hi [Name],

Thanks so much for attaining out with this type invitationto interview for the [position] position at [Organization]. Since I submitted my application, my situations have modified as well as regrettably I need to say no this opportunity.

I would really like to stay in touch as well as desire we ll have some other hazard to Work collectively downthe line.

Thank you once more in your time and attention.


[Your Name]4. The email template for while you need to refer someone else

Hi [Name],

Thank you so much for the possibility to interview for the [position] role at [Organization]. While [Organization] intrigues me due to the fact [a compelling reason based on their mission, product, or service], I’m no longer seeking to make a career pass right now.

However, my colleague [Colleague s Name with link to LinkedIn profile] is probably of interest. I distinctly propose them from my preceding revel in and think they may be a tremendous additionto the [Organization] group.

Best of good fortuneas well as I desire this isn’t the last time our paths will go!


[Your Name]

Of route, there are other methods you can frame your recommendation. If you d like to shop for some time to provide your colleague a heads up as well as/or see if the recruiter or hiring supervisor wants to take you up on a referral, you may say:

However, I d be extra than glad to suggest a colleague if you’re opento referrals.

If you d rather depart it on your colleague to determine if they re interested as well as need to attain out, you can say:

However, I may also realize any individual who’s searching. Let me reach out as well as forward your e mail, and that they’ll get in touch if they re involved.

You by no means recognize when you is probably able to show your no into someone else s sure.

Regina Borsellino additionally contributed writing, reporting, and/or recommendationto this text.