How to make the case for a flexible role

Meet our panel Shakil Butt: an ex-accountant, multi-award-triumphing HR executive and writer Helen Morgan: a financial director from the technology and economic services zone Zoe Whitman: founding father of award-winning bookkeeping start-up, But the Books

According to the Timewise Flexible Jobs Index, most effective 11% of jobs over £20K FTE are advertised as flexible. If you’re seeking out a new position, why no longer widen your seek with complete-time roles and then negotiate flex?

We speak to our panel of accountancy professionals to find out the pleasant ways to turn a complete-time position right into a flexible one when negotiating with a prospective company.

Dont be apologetic

First matters first, you need to assume in another way about flexible operating. As Shakil Butt, ex-accountant, HR govt as well as writer, says, Many human beings suppose it’s only for human beings with worrying duties as well as parents. Yet law says once you’re 26 weeks right into a function, any person can practice for flexible working. And from an HR point of view, on the subject of having access to talent, there are many very succesful as well as expert humans available who’re fine suited to flex, therefore we want to shift our thoughts-set.

Focus ontalents, not just flex

Although the majority of activity adsdon’t point out flexibility, many employers are organized to recollect it for the proper candidate. As Zoe Whitman, founder of award-prevailing start-up, But the Books, points out, If you’re a honestly suitable suit,don’t be afraid to position yourself forward. Lead in your competencies, then once they compare one candidate in opposition to the alternative, they’ll need the personthat can do the pleasant job.

Research potential employers

It’s well worth attempting to find out if the company has a great bendy working record. Check out the careers pages in their internet site. If they talk about looking to construct a numerous as well as encouraged body of workers, that s a good signal. Or you could try to get in touch with individuals who already Work at the corporation, perhaps on LinkedIn, as well as sound them out.

Another desirable locationto appearance is Timewise Jobs, a jobs board which handiest advertises element-time and bendy roles.

Get to grips with bendy working

Shakil says, Look at all the flexible alternatives and recognize fully what they suggest. It can be part time, operating around time period instances, job share or compressed hours; it may be operating closer to an final results instead of a fixed amount of hours; it is able to be home working, it is able to be mobile operating it could be many different things.

Be practical about your request

Think cautiously approximately the role. Are you certain you may cover the requirements even as running flexibly? As Helen Morgan, a financial director from the monetary services as well as generation area, says, Understand the necessities of the activity, as well as the stress factors, and suppose through what you’ll do. Make sure you have a plan of ways you may manage it.

Think about while to ask

The huge query is, whilst have to you bring it up?There’sno difficult as well as rapid rule, although it’s normally agreed that it isn’t well worth mentioning in your CV or Cover letter. Depending on how the communication is going, and the way the potential agency strategies flexibility, it’s far something you can increase at interview.

Zoe s view that it’s quality now not to leave it too late. It’s expert to address it earlier as well as it could be tricky for the agency if they offer you a job and then you say you handiest want to work three days every week. When I’m recruiting, I like to feel I’m using a person who feels like they are able to t communicate to me.

However, the flexible operating specialists at Timewise Jobs advocate waiting until you’ve got a suggestion. So you ll need to weigh up the mind-set of your capability employer to flexible working, then observe your instincts.

Back up your ask with a commercial enterprise case

You ve concept realistically about the way you d control the role flexibly. Now it’s time to prepare a business case which carefully explains the way you suggest to control your workload.

Helen has a few thought starters: If the busiest periods are on the month s quit, ought to you do longer hours then as well as take them lower back while it’s quieter? Or, in case you need to take into account vital instances of the yr whilst budgets are due, consider that. If it’s a role you’re already in, work collaboratively with the relaxation of the crew, as a person else may additionally want to work flexibly. Could you process percentage? Could you collaborate and support every other with unique shifts?

Be prepared to be bendy your self

Of course, you may want to compromise. Helen says, It’s a -way street you may t call for. Come in with a plan, inform them your best, then Work backwards and constantly hold in thoughts how far you can flow.

And keep in mind, a few asks are larger than others. A day every week of domestic-working, flexible start and finish times, a compressed week, and even a four-day week, are incredibly easy for an business enterprise to accommodate. But a or 3-day week may be too tough for the enterprise. Consider the design of the position should you apply as a job share with a colleague?

Dont be cast off due to the fact flex works

Flexible personnel are a verified success in many corporations. As Helen says, I work flexibly myself and I actually have humans running flexibly in distinct countries, on one of a kind initiatives in exclusive time zones. If you do this, you could create a 24/7 operation. So there’s a completely strong business case for flex in certain businesses.

Finally, make the maximum of generation

It’s really worth remembering that today s technology makes bendy operating a real contender to the conventional 9-to-5 running day, specially in accountancy. As Shakil factors out: As accountants, we are know-how workers, now not guide workers. The Work we do doesn’t take place in places of work it happens in our brains. And it can appear everywhere, at any time that works for you.

Tools as well as software our panel endorse to make flex work for you Skype and Zoom for conferences as well as conferences with all of us, everywhere, any time Trello handy for scheduling and controlling your workload Slack to collaborate and proportion projects with different colleagues Phone don’t underestimate the power of selecting up the cellphone as well as speaking in preference to usually relying on e mail