I m over-qualified for the roles I’m applying for but I’m still not getting interviewed. Why not? Any advice?

There is probably lots of reasons why you’ve implemented for job wherein you have over as well as above the abilities and experience required. You might suppose this would make you a extremely good trap for the organisation.

So why does this not often Work and what if anything can you do approximately it? 1) Do you’really need this activity?

If you’ve been making use of for extra junior roles, then earlier than you try to influence an business enterprise, be honest with yourself first. You may also need a job but is this virtually the process you need? If you are ambivalent approximately this, irrespective of how tons you strive, then your uncertainty is going to show thru. Your overlaying letter and CV is probably to be unfocused as well as 1/2-hearted as well as your body language at interview is possibly to be pronouncing very definitely ‘I m no longer positive if I want this activity’ even if your words are announcing the other.

Employers understandably want a person who’s fantastically stimulated and who is going to stay inside the role. Why might they lease you if they think, in all likelihood quite rightly, that you would be seeking out any other activity within the month. 2) Positive desire

If this greater junior job is one that you truly need and need, you then ought to persuade the employer that your application is a ways from a 2d-exceptional career choice. Otherwise they will surprise whether or not you’re simplest making use of to them through desperation, because you struggled with the demands of working at a more senior degree or there has been a few different career misery that has caused your supposed downshift.

Even if any of those are authentic, continually be careful approximately sharing terrible reasons for making use of for a job because they can improve extra concerns. For instance, in case you say which you want a job with less responsibility thenthe interviewer might marvel whether or not there had been any performance troubles to your closing process. Even if you are down-transferring to a greater junior part-time job for own family reasons or pre-retirement be careful that youdon’t stumble upon at interview as 1/2-hearted or a clock-watcher. Find a high-quality purpose why you’re interested in the activity together with looking to be more involved in your finance vicinity of specialism in preference to main a crew.

Three) The right pitch

If you are searching out a extra junior position as a way to get your foot within the door of a new career path thentake into account the corporation s priority is someone who can do the process, not to do you a favour.Don’t dumb down your previous jobs however pick out applicable content on your CV and interview answers that is pitched at the right degree. For example in case you are going for a Finance Manager process as opposed to a finance director function, then consciousness on your technical and people abilties instead of the strategic obligations you’ve been involved in. Four) Downplay your seniority

You should attempt the use of a functional CV in place of an historic one with all of your relevant talents on the first page of your CV and relegating your profession records to the second web page. This lets in you to highlight your transferable competencies as well as experience, as well as downplay your more senior tune file. Five) Entry Routes

Use your networks as you may probably be extra sincere with them about what you are searching out subsequent as well as why and they may be capable of help shape a bendy position which meets each of your desires. Temping is some other splendid way to get into enterprises you’re interested in as there appears to be less of an problem in hiring extra senior workforce in junior temporary roles. Once you are there, you may additionally make connections, test out any inner vacancies and try and function your self for destiny opportunities from the inside.

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