Introducing Our New Career Guide eBook: The Job Seeker s Guide to the Galaxy

Our tale started each with an idea as well as a query: Why can t everybody have an awesome as well as nicely-formatted resume?

The concept stuck on as well as during the last years we ve helped over 1.3M human beings global kick-begin their careers.

What commenced with a simple resume tool, ended up coaching us a extraordinary deal approximately how people method process seek as well as allowed us to understand the challenges they frequently have to face.

Now you can discover every important profession lesson we ve found out in one little e-book. We name it The Job Seeker s Guide to the Galaxy. In less than one hour of studying, this profession guide will take you through each step of the hiring system.

The Job Seeker s Guide to the Galaxy is the solutionto the ones of you who want to attain the job of your dreams butdon’t recognize in which to begin. And we are able to see why.

So a lot of the recommendation on activity search is summary, formulaic and cliched. It’s of little assist whilst you’re caught within the trenches of job looking. We wanted our profession guide to be the complete opposite fingers-on, realistic as well as specific.

The Job Seeker s Guide to the Galaxy is simply that. A bullshit-free, step-with the aid of-step manual as a way to manual you via every step of the hiring system.

It will take you all the way from identifying what you need to do for a residing to acing that very last activity interview.

This ebook took us approximately four months to finish. It changed into a time we’ve spend writing, drawing, doing research and accumulating comments.

Ultimately, our purpose was to make an uncompromisingly beneficial career manual that might be as pleasant and smooth-to-read as a kids s ebook.

For this cause, it wasnt sufficient to truly amass a heap of properly intentioned career recommendation. We ve additionally needed to supply a good deal notionto the ebook s design, format, period and readability.

It turned into a crew effort however we want to present special credit score to Katka Koncova for her beautiful illustrations and to Double Atelier for their tireless work at the e book layout, visuals and layout.

Inthe cease, the attempt paid off and not best is the end result an absolute delight to read, it is also greater beautiful than we ever imagined.So what will you’research? How to put in writing a resume as well as cover letterHow to lay the principles of your on line presenceWhat you want to do to prepare for a process interviewHow to ace that very last job interviewAnd many smart shortcuts to hack” the application process for your advantage

Enough communicate. Get The Job Seeker s Guide to the Galaxy here. It’s unfastened and you’re welcome to share it with your buddies and own family to assist them get the job in their desires too.

Excited approximately our new Career Guide eBook? Your adventure would not stop right here. Take things a step in addition as well as explore our full-size collection of resume samples. These practical examples will supplement your reading as well as help you visualize a stand-out resume.