Norwegian resilience, growth despite the storm. Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Norway in 2021

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World is a Global Headhunting Network that is presently lively in over 40 nations. During this autumn, we’re going to undergo these international locations one by one, normally interviewing the Country Manager or the CEO of the u . S . In question.

Today we’re in Norway, thankfully one of the nations wherein the Covid disaster did not depart too many outcomes. Each country decided to go with a distinctive technique with the intentionto lessenthe outcomes of the pandemic.

Norways financial downturn remained restricted in 2024 in comparisonto most European countries as softer measures against Covid-19 partly offset a worldwide decline in oil and gasoline prices – Norways most important exports. The Norwegian economic system changed into projected to say no by means of -0.8% in 2024 (1.6% in keeping with the Norwegian government), earlier than rebounding via three.9% in 2024 and predicted to grow 4% in 2024. According to Statistics Norway, seasonally-adjusted GDP declined through simply 0.Nine% in November 2024 in mainland Norway (dissociated from the oil and gas industry) (supply).

Norway is simply a wealthy usa, with one of the maximum GDP in line with capita within the international. The us of a also ratings on the pinnacle of the United Nations Development Programme s Human Development Index ranking. Unemployment had steadily declined from its peak in 2016 till the begin of the pandemic; but, decreased pastime within the hospitality area, mainly, halted this trend. The unemployment charge became envisioned to upward thrust to four.6% in 2024 however is projected to edge downto four.3% in 2024, before falling further to 4% in 2024.

The downturn as well as healing of the Norwegian economy have been faster than most different European countries in 2024. The united states was fast hit by means of a sharp decline in oil as well as gas costs, with the Norwegian krone hitting a forty-12 months low in March 2024. Norway in April 2024 decided to cut its short-term oil manufacturing with a purpose to carry international oil fees. Economic restoration commenced as early as June because the first wave of the pandemic died down lots earlier than most of Europe. Norways executive gross debt did not increase in 2024 unlike within the relaxation of Europe despite public economic support and a complete mortgage program to the banks.Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Norway

The headhunting as well as recruitment market has been very energetic in Norway for the reasonthat autumn 2024. Some months were obviously a piece quieter, however the standard trend has beentremendous within the last twelve months. (source)

In Norway in 2024, the headhunting marketplace length become slightly over 191 million €, and there’s approximately 210 companies that officially have headhunting services of their service portfolio. Many of these agencies are just run by means of one or people. The largest headhunting companies in Norway have a turnover of among 11 and 15 M € yearly.

Next, we are going to interview the Managing Director of Lederhagen, Mr. Filip Skogstad. Filip founded Lederhagen in Oct 2014, even though this isn’t his first a hit recruitment endeavor. Filip will give us his factor of view on how he sees the headhunting as well as recruitment market in Norway.

How is the entirety Filip? Thank you for being with us today. First, how are you and how was the summer?

Thank you for asking. I’m doing well and matters are desirable, simply had my 2nd coronavirus shot and now we’re taking part in the city going back to regular once more, slowly of path, however really in accurate development. The summer seasonturned into top notch this yr, with high temperatures each within the cities as well as on the coast, lots of solar as well as no rains or bloodless winds. The Norwegian summer usually gives all forms of weather, but this 12 months changed into as appropriate as it can be.

How might you comment on the first 1/2 of 2024?

Except for a few industries, we’ve visible that Norwegian companies havent beenthat affected as much as other European markets. Of route, a lot of us got our weekdays turned the other way up remaining yr, with constrained get admissionto to satisfy and tour, closed schools forcing childrento stay home with parents, with online meetings all day lengthy. But the economic system, in trendy, has now not beentoo negatively affected for most of us.

In reality, many Norwegian industries had absolutely their best yr ever in 2024. With low infection prices, and an overall feeling that things are going lower back to normal, candidates additionally sense extra assured to make a job trade, boosting the activity marketplace even more energetically.

Representing World for Norway, we ve had a extremely good first semester, this fall we additionally began with a massive wide variety of requests. Our patron base is composed of latest and vintage customers, all searching out the excellent to be had candidates, with particular know-how and unique managerial capabilities.

How do you see the second one a part of 2024? And what approximately 2024?

I am positive that Norwegians, like several others, are yearning for the entire complete re-opening of the united states and borders, without a obstacles for journeying and in-individual meetings. However, there are a whole lot of differences in our lengthy-stretched us of a, some small cities havent been affected at all in comparisonto larger ones. Some industries even skilled an boom in demand due to the pandemic, this could possibly slowly go lower back to ordinary with time.

What absolutely everyone is speakme about is how this new everyday is going to affect our habits as well as perhaps trade our behaviors for the long term. Maybe we ve gotten extra effective with much less travel as well as shorter meetings, but we may also are becoming extra ineffective in other areas by using no longer meeting in person.

All in all, as well as I communicate for myself, I’m certainly looking ahead to this fall as well as the start of 2024. There is top notch optimism within the market, each home and global. Many organization proprietors inform me that they’re increasing and seeking out new competencies within the times to come back. The want for particular new capabilities is so excessive that it will call for a completely careful recruiting method and the use of skilled headhunters so as to make this growth powerful.

What are the industries which can be hiring the maximum?

Right now, there may be a wonderful demand for competence as well as managerial enjoy inside healthcare-related industries, software program and generation, retail as well as FMCG, real estate, transportation as well as shipping, green economies, renewables as well as sustainability.

Engineering and a few monetary services are perhaps now not growing as speedy, however at least keep onto their positions. Requests from the protection industry and new markets from the oil and gasoline offerings have additionally grown. For many years there was a lower inside the business manufacturing sector, however innovation as well as growing demand for subsequent-generation batteries and renewable energies are pushing the sector ahead over again. Perhaps that is one of the novelties for the approaching years, in reality a place to hold our eyes on in the close to future.

What are the roles that organizations are needing the most?

Intrendy, I could say that competence inside fitness, tech as well as renewables is in excessive demand, on all levels. As a ways as we’re involved, I could say that one in every of the biggest jobs is to locate appropriate managerial competence inside fields that aren’t yet, so properly hooked up in Norway.

We regularly have to look to different countries to find the right skill sets. From now on, as well as for the foreseeable destiny, we are able to be seeking out managers that no longer handiest have precise enterprise experience with exquisite results however also have clean expertise and information on how to manipulate diversity. Diversity management consists of both cultural intelligence, the information of the way to get the great out of each team member, being capable of suppose differently as a crew as compared to your competition, leading wonderful innovation initiatives as well as being an appealing employer.

What approximately the candidate market?

Norway is rated as one of the first-class international locations to stay in, but it is also a rustic which is very steeply-priced, has a language which you can not use everywhere else as well as we’ve got a iciness that most Europeansdon’t discover very appealing. It is consequently now not therefore clean to go overseas to discover the proper competence as well as transferring them to Norway. This approach that there will always be a loss of skilled experts as well as a excessive call for for a body of workers so long as the wheels hold onturning.

Luckily the Norwegian universities are agile as well as ahead-questioning in terms of presenting the right research for the future. School as well as University establishments rating higher and higher in global ratings amongst different relevant international universities. But I could say, in particular so long as the oil as well as fuel industries are still happening a high degree, there may be a loss of people in all sectors as well as in any respect ranges.

To locate, attract and hire skilled, pinnacle-performing commercial enterprise leaders with a tested song report may be a truly hard game for the years to come, for professional professionals.

What would you are saying are the top reasons companies pick to Work with Lederhagen over some other gamers inside the marketplace?

By deciding onto Work with Lederhagen you will get direct access to our network which we’re very pleased with. It is a end result of many years of making a deep trust in the market and professionalism in our area of expertise. We are the primary headhunter corporation global to be internationally permitted and licensed inside diversity management.

We are constantly in search of to increase new recruitment requirements that assist our customers in developing a diverse as well as aggressive staff. In our belief that an amazing process will provide lengthy-lasting results, customers as well as candidates will continually come returned to us as well as lead us to exciting new assignments. This has been our way of labor for many years as well as it truely gives us an amazing marketplace situation.

Thank you for your time Filip!

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