On the Seventh Try, I Finally Got My Dream Job at Shopify. (The Story Behind a Resume)

Tobi scored his dream job as a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify. However, it took him seven job programs over four years.

Yes, seven. Some people would have given up after the second try.

But Tobi did not. Shopify used to be his dream company as well as he did not want to give up on his dream that simply.

The moral of the tale? Job rejections suck however they happen to all folks.Don’t be discouraged while thingsdon’t determine. It simply manner you’re one step closer.

You’ve just were given to give a boost to and check out again.

And you almost certainly surprise what did Tobi do in a different way the final time he applied. The main game-changer was his new resume (from ifindar) which had a eighty% callback fee.

Pretty loopy, right?

That s if truth be told how we found out about him. Tobi shared his resume on LinkedIn as well as our colleague Milan spotted it. It made us think Whoa! Who is this man? He s cool! We wish to meet him.

So, here we are. You’ll to find the entire story within the interview under (even Tobi’s resume since you simply wish to see it).

Tobi will inform you:How he were given his dream job at Shopify;What he changed in his resume;What else he modified in his way after the rejections;What to do if you’re down this route too;How to get insider data from the corporate where you would like to work;What it’s love to work as a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify;How he’s helping international scholars in finding jobs;Why networking is super important;And more.
You got your job at Shopify after quite an extended journey seven job programs throughout other years. Can you inform me the story at the back of it?

Sure. When I was once in college, I began selling hoverboards and my friend had advised me to set up a store on Shopify therefore I could sell. That used to be the primary time I found out Shopify in 2015.

We made some good cash using it so I figured Shopify used to be the corporate that I wanted to work for. The handiest problem was once I didn’t have any talent set that might allow me to work there.

I got my very first job in class in 2016. And then in 2017, it used to be the first time I interviewed with Shopify. And then I interviewed 5 instances after that. I applied once a year in 2017, 2018, 2024, 2024… Overall, I applied seven times, I got to an interview five occasions as well as I were given to the general interview four occasions. It was very frustrating.What did you change in your ultimate job application?

In 2024, my good friend got a job at Shopify. And she’d this really cool resume template from ifindar. So, I tried to use her resume as a template and re-did my resume with ifindar, and then I despatched it. Literally inside eight hours, the recruiter called me again and skipped me past the second degree of the interview, as a result of I’ve finished it like five occasions. She positioned me proper into the general level after which I got the job in twelve days.Wow, that is lovely crazy! Given that Shopify’s interview process is normally around months, every so often even more.

Exactly! The recruiter hastened it because of how smartly I communicated my values at the resume as well as all the way through the interviews. It made me in point of fact stand out.

When I joined Shopify, clearly, a large number of my buddies as well as people that knew I have been applying for four years, have been really satisfied.

Then I sought after to assist as many of us as possible entering into as smartly. So I shared my resume on LinkedIn. Back then, at least other folks used the very same resume template at ifindar as well as landed a job at Shopify too.Really?

Yes. And when you consider that I joined Shopify, about twelve people were given jobs right here this manner. A lot of them I driven towards the usage of ifindar as a result of at Shopify, they actually look at each resume. We do not scan for words with the ATS systems and throw them out. So, it makes it more straightforward to get noticed. Tobi at workHow did you know that Shopify recruiters look at each and every resume?

I were given insider knowledge from a chum that used to be already running there as a recruiter. She stated that recruiters take a look at each resume, so I placed a big smile on it as well as I knew that it would feel more personal.Did you practice for a similar positions every time?

I applied for the same Sales rep place five instances from 2017 till 2024. Once, I implemented for a distinct place, one thing like a Learning Management Specialist. That one, I were given rejected in an instant. I deleted the email as well as pretended love it didn’t occur.

And then in 2024, I implemented for the Merchant Success Manager position, which is the place I’m as of late. When I look at it now, it seems like I used to be making use of for the mistaken position the entire time. This function that I currently have is the role that I in point of fact enjoy. It doesn’t feel like I’m operating. It feels like I just get to have really just right relationships with traders and help them develop.

In gross sales, I all the time felt more or less misplaced. I was once charismatic and someone has interpreted that as being a gross sales person. But I never truly felt like I used to be a good sales person. But when it comes right down to development relationships, building trust and giving the proper suggestions, it just looks like the perfect function for me. Or chatting with different trade owners, as I run my very own business too. I am curious what made you apply once more? Many other folks get very pissed off after job rejections and theydon’t want to observe on the same corporate ever again.

I actually have a beautiful stubborn philosophy. I suppose it permeates every part of my existence. Like after I wanted to take my spouse I simply kept asking her till she said yes. Before announcing no like 3 times.

Growing up I just learned that after it is one thing you in reality want, you simply stay going till it happens. It might take years, it will take a long time, but if it’s truly what you need, you need to be affected person.

Every time I were given rejected, I cried and it sucked. I swore I will by no means practice again. But six months later, I said to myself again This is the place I need to work.” So I carried out over and over again, and were given rejected again

There was once one rejection that was once in particular bad. I was once so sure I got the job. I began cleansing out my desk at my previous job. I packed my computer and emptied the entirety out. I was looking ahead to the decision, tremendous excited, then I were given the decision and they mentioned I did not get it. I was devastated. I stated to myself that I will never follow once more.

And then in May 2024 I was once on LinkedIn at 1 a.M. Sharp. It used to be pandemic. And I simply noticed a submit from Shopify announcing we are nonetheless hiring . I checked if they’d any roles for me, discovered one, applied, as well as this was the time I were given the job. So, if I’d long past to mattress at 12 a.M, I may no longer observe.
I bet that Shopify was once your dream company to work for. Why Shopify? Apart from the fact that you loved it as a platform.

There were 3 main reasons. First, like I stated, I am an entrepreneur. I’ve owned businesses yearly considering I used to be fifteen. I used to flip iPhones, couches, then used to be promoting hoverboards, garments. I used to do football coaching. When I lived in France, I used to sell birthday party tickets. There’s like a million issues. So, I’ve at all times understood the idea that of benefit.

Second, I all the time wanted to grow. And at Shopify I knew I could be pressured to develop. The company is growing so fast that I could be forced to develop too. I sought after to be in an environment like that.

Third, I knew I would meet one of the smartest people on the earth. Because the ones kinds of people are at Shopify. There are people who work a complete-time job and own a million dollar industry. And the ones are to me like heroes.

That’s why I stored applying. I knew that if I were given in, my lifestyles’s going to switch.Did it?

Yes! I joined Shopify in May. My spouse and I bought a space in June. Our corporate made $160,000 since I joined until these days. I simply knew that being exposed to such implausible other folks would completely lift my life. And it for sure helped my desires come true.3Skills Co-FoundersWow, that is really inspiring. Can you proportion a few guidelines for other job seekers who’re down this job rejections-course too?

First, you want to process it. When you get rejected, the one factor that I do really well is be informed from my mistakes. I could debrief and ask the recruiter what I did incorrect or what to strengthen. And then I would beef up it. If you have a look at it the fitting approach, each rejection is just one step closer to yes.

Second, if you happen to truly want something, you just keep going till it is proper. There is no endpoint for the things that you simply in fact want.

I have been this fashion for a long time as well as that applies to other things too. For instance, I sought after to buy a Tesla in 2017. But I couldnt find a Tesla with what I used to be making. So I simply stored attempting actually annually. I’ve tried it in 2017, 2018, 2024, 2024 and then in 2024, I in any case bought it. I was once laser-targeted. It was the historical past on my telephone screen.

So, the question isn’t Why cannot I get this job? . The query is How can I get it? And you simply keep going till you get there.Don’t be discouraged while issues do not work out. It simply way you’re one step closer.I’m curious what else have you ever stepped forward for your job application? Apart out of your resume, what do you assume helped you in the end land the job?

I assume the game changer was also my own corporate. We began a company in 2024 serving to other people get jobs. By the time I carried out for a job at Shopify, we helped approximately 40 other people get jobs. So I knew the way to keep up a correspondence my price to employers because I have been instructing other people how you can communicate their values.

When I went to use at Shopify for the overall time, I used to be a professional. I knew tips on how to prepare, methods to network, and methods to get a job. I leveraged it and placed it into my resume and job interview. Actually, the recruiter nearly instructed me on the call that I got the job. I bet they had been additionally impressed by means of the truth that you run your own trade.

Yes, business also impressed them. It helped me stand out. But we say that a resume is step one. Nobody cares how wonderful you might be if youdon’t be in contact it smartly in the first instance. You need to show you are a just right fit.

With my new resume, the recruiter known as me again in a couple of hours. And later within the negotiation section, she introduced me about 20K greater than I requested for. And that was once a testament to that first impact. Youdon’t get a 2nd likelihood at the first impact.

So, the resume did me a huge prefer. But then I also ready and practiced. I have prepared a couple of answers to common interview questions. And this custom if truth be told helps you to also solution the questions that you’re not ready for. Because when you observe, you turn into extra confident.

Actually, there used to be a question that I had no thought how to reply to. And I simply said, Honestly, I have no idea, as well as the one reason I realize what an API is, is as a result of I Googled it ahead of the call. Which is a great solution in case you are assured. If you are now not assured, you try to make something up and you look like an idiot.

So, I think I was once neatly prepared as well as introduced myself well on my resume.Before that, your resume appeared totally different? Like it wasnt adapted nor designed?

No, in reality I have used the ifindar template prior to as smartly. I just didn’t be in contact my values rather well. So, once I used it the second time, I put my picture on it and targeted at the achievements. I have made myself sound more like a human as well as wasnt the usage of long sentences. That was once a sport-changer. Every time I use that resume to use, eighty% of the time I get a choice again. Your resume in reality comprises some things that are suggested to not be integrated on a resume in Canada, like a photograph or volunteering at a church. Did you get any reactions to it?

Yeah, I were given a job. But truly, all of it got here from the philosophy that you will have to stand out. Most other folks aren’t striking a photograph on their resume in Canada. So I’ve positioned mine to make it more human and it worked. I think it is higher to be unconventional. There’s no level in becoming in. Especially in a pile of hundreds of resumes.I completely agree. And what used to be your interview preparation like?

We at all times tell job seekers they wish to close three gaps a knowledge hole, networking gap and confidence hole. For instance, I didn’t understand this role existed till I implemented to it. So as soon as I got the interview, I found 10 other people on LinkedIn that had been in the same function. I messaged each and every of them, one after the other and only one individual replied to me. He put the assembly with me for an hour and informed me the entirety what they’re going to ask, what I wish to understand, and so forth. That’s actually an effective way to go approximately it!

Yeah, precisely. It helped me to close both the information and networking gap. Then the overall factor is, you need to close a self assurance hole. You versus hundred or 1000 different applicants how do you turn into the highest applicant within the pool? You should be practiced and prepared. And while you shut the ones 3 gaps, you pivot into any goal. I suppose there was no other candidate that was so ready such as you this time.

You know what, I would be shocked if there was. 3Skills teamAnd how do you like it at Shopify so far?

Amazing. I like it each single day. It’s this kind of good factor to get up every day excited to work and to know that the work you’ll be doing these days is therefore herbal that it does not even really feel like work. It’s a blessing. What do you do there as a Merchant Success Manager?

Essentially, I oversee merchants among the 10 to 20 5 million buck earnings vary. My job is to help them with making sure they’re getting the most out of the platform, platform updates, suggestions. I’m coaching them round their trade projects and their strategic tasks. And I am simply ensuring that they have someone inside Shopify to advocate for them in no matter they really feel like they need.

I work for thirty-five to fifty merchants as well as my whole center of attention helps them turn out to be higher at their targets. Sounds cool! When you examine it on your earlier roles, it’s totally other, right?

Hundred percent. My first three roles had been in sales. And like I said, I wasnt sure I was once in the appropriate roles. There was an nervousness of quotas and the nervousness that I might get fired next month if I do not hit my quota. Whereas now, I get to simply have great relationships with my traders, assist them, communicate to them, provide them suggestions, struggle for them. And I get to really feel safe in my job because I understand I am good at it.

I think that’s one thing most peopledon’t consider while navigating their careers is what I call the emotional math. Like, how much does your happiness cost? How a lot does your peace of thoughts value? And is it value a pair thousand greenbacks a month? We additionally teach scholars that they need to prioritize what in point of fact matters.