Pandemic blog series: Czech Republic

Inthis blog series we are going to interview all our Partners and learn how the pandemic is affecting specific countries around the globe.

KP2 joined   World in June 2018 as well as in view that then we ve had some very a success headhunting instances in Czech Republic. KP2 become based in 2008 in Prague as well as it’s managed by using some very skilled specialists who’ve a successful control profession. But most significantly, and what we favored the maximum, they’re truly precise as well as sincere humans that takes proper care of their clients and applicants which is very essential for us   World.   

Last week, we had a risk to speak with Jiri (CEO) as well as we requested him few questions:

First of all, how are you? We hope which you and your circle of relatives have stayed healthy for the duration of this pandemic.

Unfortunately, I became positive examined with COVID19. I had been staying at domestic and trying to get over it for three weeks now. I became affected with excessive temperatures together with lack of taste as well as smell as well as additionally robust coughing. I must admit that this revel in has modified my view of this sickness. I tended to minimize this disorder, but I know now, that in case you are unfortunate to get it, it could make your existence simply hard. Good news is, that I am doing higher as well as higher every day as well as feel that I may be nice soon.

How s Czechia for the time being or how has it beenthe ultimate 6 7 months?

The Czech Republic is facing exponential upward push of COVID19 infected. We have round 10000 new infected each day. The authorities has limited operation of restaurants, cultural as well as game sports, there is total lockdown of gyms, game facilities, shops (aside from groceries, drugstores and pharmacies) as well as services including hairdressing salons and many others. Also, the colleges besides of pre-schools had been closed down, which I perceive as one of the largest issues. Many mother and father had to live at home with children, which amongst above stated influences our enterprise too. All this is in region until November 3rd, but we anticipate that to be extended after this date. Also, there are numerous different regulations, e.G. It is not allowed to acquire more than 6 human beings and so on. Simply, all this is influencing our work plenty.

And what approximately commercial enterprise and the overall atmosphere? How the organizations are conserving up, have there been numerous layoffs?

The enterprise atmosphere I could call come what may as “hibernation .  Companies including our customers are revising their budgets and appearance toward the future with a tremendous deal of uncertainty. This is in reality one of the fundamental traits of doing enterprise in Czechia now. Especially within the situation, whilst the Czech executive makes quick and confusing choices. However, the fine element is that the businesses nonetheless preserve their personnel in vicinity as well as there have now not been huge dismissals till now. The authorities has been putting money into the financial system to keep the employment price on low numbers hence avoiding dismissals. However, what starts to be a prevailing opinion, is that after this subsidy involves an cease, there will be a soar inside the unemployment fee. 

How do you notice the stop of 2024? And what approximately 2024?

Well, we assume a tremendous decline inside the hiring of recent personnel closer to the cease of 2024. To be clear, that is some thing we were experiencing already for the remaining 3 months, and we think this fashion will preserve similarly into 2024. Our customers have cancelled many searches over previous time as well as reduced hiring to a minimal. Every new role is beneath near watch and springs beneath a serious approval procedure. The recruitment business has clearly were given frozen there may be a low affinity to change jobs among employees now. They have become greater loyal and prefer to preserve their job they have got now even on the rate of accepting decrease salaries or fewer advantages. The certainty of having a job is now perceived as the largest benefit they have. This has, then again, a positive effect on us as a recruitment/headhunting partner of groups seeking out new personnel.

Thanks to the above-cited scenario, while employees do no longer need to change their jobs, the companies are not capable of locate the proper applicants on their personal and turnto us to assist them to fulfill this need. So, mockingly to the market situation, this is one manner, how we will get a brand new enterprise even in these hard instances.

What do you think about the destiny? What is going to be the biggest distinction in Czechia if you evaluate the situation earlier than the pandemic and the viable situation after?

The solution is a simple one: before Covid, we were doing highly well. We had many projects and customers that were hungry for new employees. This resulted in March unexpectedly, while the executive declared lockdown. In summer season, many human beings, along with the state officers, notionthat Covid changed into eradicated. What a mistake! The scenario seems to be getting out of hands now. The range of latest inflamed rises dramatically; there’s serious threat that the fitness system including the hospitals is attaining their limits and might crumble. With appreciate to that, we’re afraid that the monetary revival, along with our business, will come not earlier than in the 2nd half of of 2024.

What type of roles do you observed businesses are going to want the maximum after the pandemic? Do you observed there’s a few huge difference earlier than as well as after COVID concerning recruitment as well as headhunting?

COVID Pandemic will exchange the arena for sure. We can already see it, as an instance, in the sales positions. We are searching more and more for salespeople who can use on line contraptions to cope with B2B in the fields where the commercial enterprise became running solely based on F2F contacts earlier than the pandemic.

We see the most enormous exchange within the behavior and mindset of approached applicants. They have revised their hierarchy of values, as well as their loyalty to the contemporary corporation has raised. We see it as a superb trend, which, alternatively, places new demands on us as recruiters/headhunters. We will have to work more deeply with the understanding of each candidates person wishes, connecting it with the patrons wishes. It may be about close interplay among the applicants and us in additionto our customers as well as us.

We think the candidates will take a look at the activity offers with a broader perspective and take into consideration all of the dangers linked with changing their jobs. The aspect of fabric and economic remuneration will no longer be as essential as it is nowadays.

What tips could you have for overseas job seekers who would really like to come and Work in Czechia?

Definitively, being a foreigner, we’d endorse starting looking for a job in Prague. It is a sophisticated city, in which many maximum essential companies have their HQs, as well as, in many instances, the nearby corporate language is English. Another incredible as well as colourful town is Brno, where foreign activity seekers must locate their activity.

Looking for a job in different cities/areas is for foreigners also feasible, but it’s also linked with some unique potential/revel in demanded. Currently, there is a serious call for for IT professionals speakme two and more world languages. New IT customer support facilities with international reach are growing in Prague and Brno, supplying very interesting jobs for humans from all around the global.

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