Pandemic blog series: Lithuania

Inthis blog series, we’re going to interview all our Partners and find out how the pandemic is affecting special nations around the globe.

Simplika one of the leading HRM carrier provider in the Baltics, specialized in recruitment and transient employment offerings commercial enterprise.

Last week, we had a threat to talk with Akvile Kazliene (General Manager), and we asked her some questions:

First of all, how are you? We wish which you as well as your own family have stayed wholesome at some stage in this pandemic.

Thank you, all is great presently of moment. Myself as well as my family are secure and wholesome.

How s the Lithuania in the interim or how has it beenthe remaining 6 7 months?

Currently, we’ve got greater Covid-19 cases consistent with day (~one hundred fifty) than it turned into before throughout the primary wave in March-May. People are greater cautious about in which to move, what to do, as well as with whom to meet in character. The executive video display units the situation as well as releases the suggestions to society as well as agencies for that reason on a daily foundation. Anyhow the critical phrase to say here will be the parliament election which we are having in the interim. Therefore, more restrictions might be awaited after the election. Yet agencies desire that the authorities will not close downthe enterprise, as well as there can be opportunities to runthe business one way or the other.

And what approximately enterprise and the overall environment? How the groups are protecting up, have there been numerous layoffs?

Many businesses are still working remotely, meaning they did not go back returned to the workplaces from March. They do forecast to stay in such work mode at least until the start of 2024. I bet they will stay working from domestic at least till Spring. Other companies did return back fully or in part to the workplaces allowing human beings to Work some days from home and a few days from the office. So, the overall environment is pretty fantastic as matters adjusted to the new regular, the economic system is prospering as not anything did take place.

Anyhow, restaurants, bars, lodges, aviation, event organizers did suffer the most. Of course, July, August, and September had been a bit of a restoration duration for restaurants, bars, and golf equipment. Anyhow the imminent wintertime as well as increasing range of Covid-19 cases do no longer promise whatever advantageous.

Currently, we’ve a 14% unemployment price, that’s actually high in contrast to before the Covid-19 period (6,four%). There had been corporations that went bankrupt, as well as during summer season, the unemployment price was 12%.

As this variety increases, which means more humans misplaced their jobs and are not able to discover the new one. In addition, we’ve got an expanded range of candidates in keeping with function as well as better competition for a activity. Anyhow, maximum of these applicants can not discover the proper job as they’re from the industries which aren’t hiring any further, and that they war to regulate their capabilities to the market desires. I wager the upcoming iciness season will convey greater struggle to agencies, as well as there will be greater layoffs as well.

How do you spot the cease of 2024? And what approximately 2024?

I accept as true with that the unemployment rate might be increasing until the give up of 2024 and could stay high at least until Spring. The personnel from the most suffered industries can be looking for a activity and trying both to find a brief-term activity till the following season or will try and reskill as well as do something else in a more secure industry. Parcel shipping organizations could have a massive Work load again resulting from the Christmas season as well as virus second wave.

Anyhow, companies will be willing to recruit employees who has relevant job experience, which allows them to increase efficiency for short-term high pick out duration. E-trade will be the growing industry as properly. Thus, I wish corporations will use this upcoming possibility to switch physical shops online.

What do you’reflect onconsideration on the future? What goes to be the largest distinction in Lithuania in case you compare the scenario earlier than the pandemic and the viable situation after?

Nobody is aware of how it’s far going to be. Therefore, the capacity to Work speedy and be flexible under large uncertainty may be valuable skills everybody will need to receive as a have to-have. Before the pandemic, the marketplace turned into completely candidate pushed, which means that that it become a big missionto attract and preserve talents. Many global corporations have invested in business enterprise branding, carried out many exceptional blessings for employees so that you can be visible as appealing as well as wanted corporation inside the marketplace.

Anyhow it did not resolve employee s engagement and loyalty issues. During an endemic, you can take a look at the trade in the market. Employees avoided the hazard of dropping a process as well as have been not so eager to seize a chance to make a career change. I trust this example will now not ultimate for lengthy as human beings are able to modify to changes anyplace it takes.

Therefore, I assume that business and employees will modify to changes. The unemployed will discover new jobs, others will probably figure out in their very own business, as well as a few unemployed will stay unemployed for a longer time.

Anyhow, put up-pandemic will bring new challenges for employers, which includes motivating and attractive personnel who work remotely. Employees could have the possibility to have more flexibility to balance between private as well as work existence. They may be extra opento operating fixed-time period assignments with none duties. Work will have no obstacles as you will be capable of live as well as work from anywhere within the world.

What type of roles do you watched corporations are going to want the most after the pandemic? Do you observed there’s a few huge difference earlier than and after COVID regarding recruitment and headhunting?

As businesses will stay running remotely, employees gets worn-out. As a end result, there could be a natural employee turnover. And on the identical time, loss of talents will stay as all business moves closer to technologies.

Recruitment and headhunting will stay in call for, and the demanding situations might be comparable. Just the surroundings will change. You can be headhunting personnel to Work a process no matter the metropolis or maybe country. That method I may be searching out a specialist not best within Lithuanian borders, yet greater worldwide. I bet many corporations will do the equal, which means larger opposition for us in the destiny.

Regarding the jobs, IT-associated roles will remain the most wanted ones. Others, like e-trade specialists, analytical as well as solution-based roles, commercial enterprise improvement specialists, export specialists, finance guru, will stay on the demand curve.

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