Pandemic blog series: Ukraine
Pandemic blog series: Ukraine

Pandemic blog series: Ukraine

Inthis weblog collection, we’re going to interview all our Partners and learn how the pandemic is affecting one-of-a-kind international locations around the globe. Today we are in Ukraine in which we had a chance to speak with Mr. Emir Asanow, the Country Manager of M-HUNT.

First of all, how are you? We hope which you as well as your circle of relatives have stayed healthy all through this pandemic.

Thank you, everything is best with us. Some of my buddies got unwell with COVID-19, now the whole lot is excellent with them. This did no longer manifest to my household, thank God!

How’s Ukraine at the moment, or how has it beenthe ultimate 6 , 7 months?

The peculiarity of Ukraine is that the pandemic’s first wave changed into no longer as terrible as in Italy or Spain, as an instance. The authorities carried out very tough regulations, and the whole country stopped for three months. Unfortunately, we have a susceptible economy, and those do not get hold of financial guide. Many have misplaced their jobs, as well as this is a huge hassle. Now the state of affairs with COVID-19 is difficult, however the restrictions are now not as strict as they was. This is our reality, and we get used to living with it.

And what about enterprise as well as the overall environment? How the organizations are maintaining up, have there been a variety of layoffs?

Everything that happens is quite logical. The closure of small restaurants, as an example, become the result of strict quarantine at the beginning. The commercial enterprise related to the production as well as sale of meals merchandise is solid. There are issues with overseas economic hobby. Manufacturers lost contracts in Europe, commercial enterprise journey have become not possible. However, each person is decided to maintain jobs as well as desire that the situation will improve every day.

How do you see the cease of 2024? And what approximately 2024?

At the stop of this yr, we will ultimately get used to the brand new conditions. The commercial enterprise gets sufficient truth to devise for the following yr. Even if a new quarantine comes, it’ll not be very lengthy and will be the last. Therefore, 2024 might be higher for sure.

What do you’reflect onconsideration on the destiny? What can be the most tremendous distinction in Ukraine if you evaluate the state of affairs before the pandemic as well as the viable situation after?

I am a great optimist. The complete world is operating on a vaccine and shortly, we are able to get safety in opposition to COVID-19. Evolution has been difficult humanity on occasion. But we didn’t disappear like the dinosaurs did.

The peculiarity of Ukraine is that approximately five million Ukrainians Work overseas, in keeping with experts. Ukrainians do seasonal work the usage of short-term visas. Inthe last seven months, constitution flights were organized for them, however the wishes of farmers have no longer been absolutely met. The agriculture and economies of many nations were tormented by this.

Many Ukrainians have worked in different areas, specially in international locations sharing a common border with Ukraine. Of course, now there are not sufficient workers in production sites and factories in Europe, which has a poor impact. Also, many Ukrainians lost earnings, which additionally supported the Ukrainian economy.

It’s great, but this example has a effective side as well. Many Ukrainians traveled to Europe as vacationers however labored in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and so on. This kind of work is out of doors of legal employment. Also, many left their criminal place of work in Poland, as an instance, and went to work in another country, which is likewise illegal.

Currently, the border crossing by using tourists is restricted, and workers with Work visas come underneath strict manage in Europe.

We have facets of the same coin, in this situation. Yes, COVID-19 is slowing downthe financial system, regrettably. But the exertions marketplace is better regulated as well as controlled, and after defeating COVID-19, we must hold this impact in 2024.

What kind of roles do you watched groups are going to want the most after the pandemic? Do you think there’s a few huge difference before as well as after COVID regarding recruitment and headhunting?

I assume little will alternate qualitatively. All regions of our existence will preserve to expand. The tourism industry will not recover as quick, however we recognise that the sun continually comes up after a storm. Headhunting isn’t very depending on the pandemic due to the fact good specialists are constantly in call for.

What hints might you have for overseas job seekers who would like to come as well as Work in Ukraine?

Our us of a has top notch growth prospects for all markets. Consumption of products as well as services has wonderful boom capability. We are on the very starting of a adventure that other nations traveled many years in the past. Using this experience, we can circulate faster. We need high-stage managers who can sell Ukrainian merchandise and goods, both domestically and abroad. I suppose whoever has courage has a good attitude.

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