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World is a Global Headhunting Network that is currently lively in over 40 nations. During this fall, we’re going to undergo those international locations separately, normally interviewing the Country Manager or the CEO of the united states of america in query.

Poland has been going through some deep reasonably priced as well as political changes inside the previous few years. Its relevant function inside Europe as well as its history makes it a completely interesting united states of america to comply with its evolution.

Inthis text you’ll study the scenario of the Labor Market in Poland, how’s the candidate market progressing, as well as what are maximum companies suffering to find (source).

Poland has an administrative vicinity of 312.696 km², Poland ranks 69th in the world and 9th in Europe. With almost 38.38 million population (2024), it’s miles the 36th maximum populous country in the international and the 6th maximum populous country inside the European Union. Poland is split into sixteen provinces, consisting, in overall, of sixty six cities.

Poland is a democratic united states of america with a advanced, excessive-yield financial system and a high quality-of-lifestyles index. It is attractive to travelers and lively enjoyment fanatics, as evidenced with the aid of approx. 20 million vacationers (2024) traveling Poland yearly, making it one of the most visited international locations inside the international. The diverse panorama of individual regions of Poland and one of a kind varieties of undertaking to pick out from, from sea bathing, via crusing on lakes, to skiing as well as mountain climbing, deliver tourists from far flung countries to Poland.

Poland is the 8th biggest economic system in the European Union and one of the fastest-developing economies in Europe. Its 38-million income marketplace is one among the most important inside the European Union. Convenient place within the centre of Europe and at the crossroads of its most important communication routes makes it viable to export items from Poland to all European nations, as a consequence reaching over half of a billion purchasers.

Poland gives foreign businesses a number of funding incentives. One of the various alternatives is to find investments in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). There are 14 such zones in Poland. These are separate regions wherein business activities may be carried out on unique, preferential phrases. SEZs offer attractive tax remedy, employment opportunities and properly-organized funding regions to new buyers.Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Poland

The labour market in Poland before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic:

With a result of 73% (2024), Poland belongs to the institution of EU-28 Member States that done an employment degree inside the 20-64 age institution constant with the objectives set by the European Commission for 2024. In popular, the main signs reflecting the state of affairs at the labour market in Poland were enhancing from year to 12 months as well as we had been steadily transferring towards the EU average.

In 2024, the financial hobby fee in the 15-sixty four age institution became 70.6% as well as improved through zero.5 percent factors compared with the preceding yr. At the identical time, the employment fee in that group extended by using zero.Eight percent points to 68.2%, whilst the unemployment charge decreased by 0.6 percent points to 3.3% (supply). As regards the unemployment fee, it is vital to notice that whilst upon its accessionto the EU Poland turned into the united states with the best unemployment price inside the EU, that fee has remained under the EU common in view that 2012, and has ranked some of the countries with the lowest unemployment price for numerous years now.

In 2014-2024, the level of registered unemployment persisted to decrease in Poland. In 2018, the number of unemployed humans dropped beneath 1 million for the primary time in 30 years.

The effect of the COVID-19 epidemic on the economic system as well as the labour market

In its summer forecast (2024), the European Commission decreased its forecasts for maximum countries compared with its spring projections. GDP is now anticipated to decline by way of eight.3% all through the EU, and by means of eight.7% inside the euro.

Against this history, the forecast for Poland, decreased by an insignificant 0.3% (to -four,6%), still appears correct as well as that decrease is still the smallest amongst all EU nations. It turned into carewornthat Poland had proved resilient to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic inside the first quarter of 2024, mainly due to its numerous financial structure and a exceedingly low proportion of sectors maximum stricken by the disaster.

The Polish financial system is also predicted to rebound faster. GDP is predicted to boom with the aid of four.3% in 2024: in May 2024, the Commission projected a 4.1% increase for Poland inside the following yr.

The registered unemployed fee (at labour places of work) at the stop of July 2024 was 6.1%, an increase of 0.Nine% in comparison with the previous year. It ought to be brought that a contrast among the unemployment stage on the cease of July 2024 and the range of persons registered at the give up of February 2024.

In July 2024, as in June that 12 months, a consistent downward trend in unemployment that had continued in those months for decades was disrupted by using the continued epidemic and the ensuing confined quantity of job gives.

It must be noted that, even as the level of registered unemployment elevated in the wake of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the very best growth dynamics when it comes to the preceding month had been recorded in April 2024, as well as the unemployment boom price became slowing down month on month in subsequent months.

According to Eurostat facts, in July 2024 Poland had the second-lowest unemployment charge inside the EU (for the 15-74 age group), after Czechia, with its charge status at 3.2% compared with 7.2% in EU-27 international locations and 7.Nine% within the euro location.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was also obvious in information on workplaces. Inthe second one sector of 2024, the variety of persons who normally earn a living from home became 2.124.000 (which represented thirteen% of all hired men and women), double what it changed into inside the first quarter of 2024.

After a period in the course of which the Polish economy was frozen and the ensuing regulations, the state of affairs on the labour marketplace seems to be heading closer to stability. Employers preliminary, alarming reactions and bulletins of redundancies have virtually subsided. Measures proposed by the Polish executive as part of the Anti-Crisis Shield have absolutely contributed to that state of affairs. As a end result, the dynamics of registered unemployment boom have bogged down, despite the fact that the quantity of unemployed people is probably to growth once periods of word are over (supply).

Next, we are going to interview the CEO of Sowelo Consulting, Mr. Adam Lyko.

Adam has been leading his noticeably a hit agency considering 2007. They lately received the distinguished Business Cheetah 2024 Award, that’s givento the fastest-developing Polish agencies via the European Business Institute.

We have the delight to interview him today concerning the state of affairs of the Labour Market in in Poland.

How is the entirety Adam? Thank you for website hosting us in Krakow these days. First of all, how are you and how became the summer time?

Hello Arash, Thank you, I am doing pleasant. It become a completely busy summer time for our team. New customers, new people on board, new initiatives. In wellknown one of the busiest summers in the final decade.

How could you touch upon the first 1/2 of 2024?

I suppose March 2024 turned into a turning point, while we started to see that the marketplace is getting ontop of things after the lockdown.

My calendar changed into full with again to lower back with calls with new clients, asking for recruitment offerings, and it didn’t prevent in view that then.

How do you spot the second one part of 2024? And what approximately 2024?

Inthe second one part of 2024, we see things speed up even quicker. A lot of recent investments coming to Poland, nearby agencies getting up to the mark.

I bet the only hassle is the lack of real abilties, as well as everybody desires appropriate recruiters in recent times.

I suspect 2024 goes simply to be a continuation of this fashion.

What are the industries which might be hiring the most?

We cognizance 100% at the Technology region, as well as due to Covid and lockdowns industries like e-commerce, digital advertising, e-healthcare as well as video conferencing are growing faster than ever earlier than.

What are the jobs that agencies are needing the maximum?

Onthe pinnacle of the listing, I would placed Recruiters as well as on the second one area Software Engineers this year.

According to LinkedIn, there were 364,970 ‘Recruiter jobs marketed on LinkedIn worldwide this summer time.

For contrast, there’s 342,586 ‘Software Engineer roles open on LinkedIn international.

What approximately the candidate marketplace?

The generation marketplace is very dynamic. You want to be very speedy to close the cope with an excellent candidate, otherwise, they’ve every other offer out of your competitor.

Also, we see an boom in provide declines, counter gives and so forth..  it’s far tons harder to shut the deal with a terrific candidate in 2024 vs. 2024.

What would you are saying are the top reasons groups should pick out to Work with Sowelo Consulting, over a few other gamers in the market?

We Work with top names within the Technology industry for 15 years.

We have an experienced crew of humans, who is aware of a way to deliver in those hard market conditions, as a business enterprise we already survived important monetary downturns, and we usually keep on getting to know and evolving.

We pay attentionto the right schooling and training of our experts, as well as we use the exceptional sourcing tools to be had available for recruiters.

It is the quality of the provider we supply. Last 12 months changed into our report year which we’ve completed with Business Cheetah 2024 award. It must be something we are doing well ?

Thank you on your time Adam!

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