Professionelle Rekrutierung. Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Austria in 2021

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Today we came all the way to Vienna, Austria, to provide you the state-of-the-art concerning the modern information concerning the Recruitment Market scenario in 2024.

Austria`s Unemployment Rate dropped to five.6% in Mar 2024, from the formerly pronounced determine of five.6% in Feb 2024, from Jan 1993 to Mar 2024, the common price is four.6%. The information reached an all-time excessive of 6.2% in May 2016 as well as a record low of three.Four% in Apr 2001. Inthe today’s reviews, Austrias population reached eight.93 million human beings in Dec 2024 (source).

Austria entered the COVID-19 pandemic from a strong monetary role with giant policy space. Nonetheless, the pandemic drastically impaired the economy as numerous lockdowns have been applied to help include the unfold of the virus. Real GDP declined by 6.Three percentage in 2024 as well as shriveled in addition in early 2024, pushed with the aid of a pointy deceleration of private funding as well as intake in additionto a muted winter tourism season. The speedy as well as sizeable coverage response to the pandemic has been effective in saving lives, shielding inclined households, as well as assisting people as well as companies.

The economic system is set to recover at a moderate tempo in 2024, with boom projected at three.5 percentage. Economic hobby is anticipated to boost up from 2024Q2 as lockdowns have been step by step lifted along rapid development in vaccinations. Growth is expected to boost up to 4.Five percent in 2024 earlier than stabilizing at its capacity of round 1¾ percentage inside the medium term. Nonetheless, the medium-time period output is predicted to remain underneath the pre-disaster trend. The outlook is problem to surprisingly excessive uncertainty, with near-term dangers stemming from the unpredictable development of the pandemic, mainly from the danger of the delta variation as well as efficacy and quantity of vaccinations (supply).Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Austria

The restoration of the Austrian economy will advantage tempo with output increasing by way of three.Four% in 2024 and 4.2% in 2024. A rebound in worldwide change as well as beneficiant executive assist underpin sturdy funding boom. Consumption will enhance as households reduce their saving.

Worldwide progress with the deployment of vaccines will permit the easing of tour restrictions as well as for this reason foster hobby inside the hospitality zone and employment in the 2d 1/2 of 2024. The increase in commodity prices will result in a slight and transient uptick in client rate inflation. The fiscal deficit is planned to say no in 2024 as well as 2024 (supply).

Due to the brand new EU Framework law for the production of European data on humans as well as households there’s adjustments for the Austrian microcensus labour pressure survey as well as its consequences regarding employment and unemployment from 2024 onwards. A direct evaluation with the results before 2024 is therefore simplest feasible to a restricted quantity. A very whole list of preferred statistics can however be located in the professional national data insitution, known as Statistik Austria, to be had for free on: www.Statistik.At/web_en/data/PeopleSociety/labour_market/

The COVID-19 restrictions affecting each supply and call for led to a large stoop in Austrias economic performance in 2024. In 2024, the Austrian economy will over again be on a path of economic increase, however this boom (actual GDP: +2.2%) will no longer be enough to reach the pre-crisis level. In particular, areas that depend on winter tourism however also ontowntourism (e.G. Vienna) as well as appeal to a high proportion of overseas guests will continue to face large shortfalls in 2024. The extent to which this considerable discount in tourism call for will have an effect on groups will depend closely at the degree to which they employ short-time Work subsidies or keep to lessentheir staffing degrees.

The hazard of losing your job because of the covid relies upon on a range of things. In additionto the sectors wherein human beings are hired, a low level of training and quick length of service are the main risk factors. If migrant employees are employed in specifically exposed sectors and have few qualifications, they’re at an above-common chance of dropping their jobs. This became obtrusive in 2024 from the increase in unemployment (+forty five 500). Depending on how things develop, there can be a lower in unemployment in 2024, as well as an growth in employment among overseas workers.

Inthe primary sector of 2024, there might be a hundred and fifteen 800 fewer people unemployed than in the identical zone of the previous 12 months. From the second quarter of 2024 onwards, there can also even be an growth in employment compared to the low level of the preceding year. On average, businesses will handiest barely increase their staffing degrees in 2024.

It ought to be predicted that the wide variety of registered unemployed humans will be considerably above the 500 000 mark inside the first sector of 2024 (source).

Job Market Insights (www.Jobmarketinsights.Com) also gives a very intesting assessment of the Job Market situation in Austria, very up to date.

Next, we are going to interview the CEO of BREADHUNTER, Mr. Thomas Zahlten. Thomas has been leading the Breadhunter for more than 9 years now. Originally from Germany, Thomas has been based in Vienna for more than 10 years now.

We are very satisfied to be here nowadays. How have you ever been Thomas? How turned into your summer season and the way is the whole thing?

I had a extraordinary summertime in Austria, being on the geographical region in South Styria and in Tyrolia inside the mountains. In August and before that, we closed a few technical income initiatives for my customers in the DACH area.

How would you touch upon the first half of of 2024?

The pandemic has been for many agencies and experts, a real project I agree with. Even for some headhunters in Vienna, however at BREADHUNTER, working loads with international clients and no longer having a big advertising overhead or VIP offices, the remaining 2 years went extraordinarily nicely as well as we had lots of Work in 2024.

I assume the pandemic made it also simpler for us to reach our customers as well as applicants via video name, that had been earlier than the pandemic now not inquisitive about these new equipment and workflows.

How do you spot the second part of 2024? And what approximately 2024?

Everything is possible, but I assume BREADHUNTER is ready for the destiny. Being one step beforehand over the past years from my competition. We are full digitalized and with the proper tools for greater than 7 years now.

We have been using paperless methods for extra than 9 years, we use lots recorded video interviews, one-of-a-kind AI databases and clever collaboration gear, but additionally our community and the coolest old smartphone.

Maybe 2024 is the yr whilst we in reality conquer the marketplace. I see transformation additionally in headhunting and recruiting in wellknown, more achievement primarily based headhunting. But for who wishes excellent and technology, they’ll use the pinnacle 2% headhunting organizations who work with retainer best as well as deliver consistent exceptional.

What are the industries which are hiring the maximum?

Technical income, professionals, car, finance. The remaining 2 years much less in advertising and marketing as well as lifestyles technology.

We start and make sense, when social media as well as advertising ends.

What are the roles that companies are needing the maximum?

Technical professionals, salespeople in the DACH place, that apprehend the nearby market as well as lifestyle.

European humans operating abroad e.G. Asia or within the middle-east.

What about the candidate market?

People are greater sensitive as well asdon’t want to take the hazard of changing a job, because of the pandemic. Inthe ultimate 2 years, we needed to speak with at the least one hundred fifty people, who match well with the preferred profile, simplest in order to have 2-3 for the very last shortlist.

4 years ago, for instance, we needed to speak to 80 humans to reap the identical result. So the sales side of a mission have become more hard however also finding the right applicants.

Advertising and Social Media Postings deliver simply no consequences, this has beentherefore for greater than five years in my opinion.

We simplest Work with classical direct seek (headhunting approach) as well as communicate to every body, even supposing we have over 20.000 BREADHUNTER followers on LinkedIn and a massive community.

What might you say are the pinnacle motives organizations need to pick out to work with BREADHUNTER, over some different gamers in the marketplace?

We begin a new mission for a organization, if social media and advertising and marketing didn’t work for them at once, trying on their own.

So, if a enterprise desires a proper marketplace display in their competitors as well as genuinely someone who can speak to the employees in a discreet but professional way, then we’re the proper headhunting business enterprise for them.

Yes, we can also do advertising as well as social media advertisement for our customers, but I might advocate organizations to stable that money as well as make investments it closer to an instantaneous seek.

This way groups can definitely at once get lots of deep insights from the marketplaces scenario as well as achieve more facts, just like a case observe in the end.

Even in the event that they acquire only one or applicants at the cease, as a minimum they realize really the marketplaces situation earlier than carrying out any other full search cycle, that could be another 6 months.

Sometimes it can also be a prevailing method to hire candidates that healthy the location simplest for approximately seventy five% and then invest to carry them to up to preferred degree you want, within 3 months, in place of searching another 6 months without any achievement.

We aid our clients to do the proper choice, wedon’t simply sell to them. Those groups that recognize this fee, come to be running with us long-term, and propose us to their peers. This is how we develop ™‚

Thank you in your time Thomas!

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