Recruiter Reveals: Don’t Believe These Job Search Myths

Imagine you have to get cast job search advice at once from somebody with enjoy in recruiting and HR. Wouldnt that be helpful? Now you can do just that due to our new interview collection Recruiter Reveals! Every month I interview our resident HR knowledgeable Christy Morgan on quite a lot of job seek subjects be it resumes, quilt letters, job interviews, or the rest marginally occupation similar.

Welcome to the first actual edition of our new interview series Recruiter Reveals with Christy, our resident HR knowledgeable and previous recruiter!

This time, we’re going to talk about job search myths. Because there are too many of them floating around! For instance, must you’really reduce your resume to 1 page? Or forget the cover letter? Who knows?

I have compiled a list of seven common job seek myths and asked Christy to help me debunk or verify any of them. We’ll additionally talk about every topic extra in-depth.

Are you able to get to know the real reality at the back of common job-searching advice?

In this interview, we’re going to talk about those job search myths: Should your resume be one web page long?; Do recruiters scan resumes in 6 seconds?; Do qualified job applicants get past ATS?; Are cover letters truly lifeless?; Do most jobs never get published?; Can your Instagram price you a job?; Is a thank-you note after an interview a should?
Many resources, resume developers included, recommend having a single page resume. Of course, except for managers. Are longer resumes robotically brushed aside?

This one’s a fable. A one page resume is completely appropriate if you are a student or contemporary graduate. Also, in Silicon Valley, there is this trend against one web page resumes because they are saying you will have to be capable to venture your revel in on one web page. But I’d say that having a two page resume is standard. Of course, it additionally will depend on the trade as well as the level of experience. For example, in academia, pages can be almost definitely too short as a result of they normally include things like publications or initiatives. How many pages is just too many then?

In normal, more than pages is too much. But again, this is determined by the industry, stage of experience as well as sometimes on the nation too. But let’s assume that with pages, you’ll be able to by no means cross incorrect. The longest resume I’ve observed used to be sixteen pages lengthy from a teacher who stuffed his resume with all his shows and publications. Isnt it higher to make use of a portfolio in such circumstances?

Yes, it would be great to make use of a portfolio or to easily placed a identify and a hyperlink to the publication to your resume as well as fail to remember about lengthy descriptions. The rule of thumb is to keep it as brief as imaginable. Just because it’s there within the report does not essentially imply that the recruiter’s going to learn it. If you are making it more straightforward for hiring managers to search out the information they would like, the much more likely they’re to read it. Speaking of resume reading, is the 6 seconds resume rule genuine? Do recruiters truly spend best 6 seconds taking a look at every resume?

This one’s a bit of bit of a delusion. It takes about six seconds to display screen the resume for the key knowledge that I’m searching for, corresponding to place, summary, keywords, or if there is a talents segment. Within this time period, I will have to be capable of get a feel for who you might be as well as what you might be searching for. But it’s mainly approximately six seconds for me to pick the basic information I want. It doesn’t mean that I am going to spend simply six seconds on it or that I won’t proceed studying after. Doesnt it also rely on resume layout? For example, in case you have two applicants and one resume used to be made in a word processor while the opposite has a ravishing design, do you automatically want the prettier?

As a individual, I think that in the event you see something great, it’ll be more horny to you. But it does not imply that the content material is in truth appropriate. Someone can have a Word document that is perfectly fine so long as it’s clear and simple to observe. However, if the resume layout appears to be like nice as well as the content fits what I am looking for, then yes, it is probably going to offer an additional edge to them. Especially if any individual’s applying for a job in a creative field, then a pleasant design is for sure an advantage. Let s now talk a bit approximately applying for a job. Is it true that most jobs never get posted?

It’s rather genuine and it may be for lots of reasons. Maybe a company has a job that’s to be had and so they have already got somebody internally who could be a excellent are compatible. Perhaps they realize somebody by way of networking who can be appropriate. Or perhaps they’ve found an appropriate candidate of their ATS database. They may cross to a recruitment consultancy, which would possibly have applicants already. Or they could have a head hunter who’ll in finding the very particular form of individual they’re searching for. It’s just that for some firms there is not any need for them to advertise. Did something like that still occur to you when you had been running at Hudson as an operations manager, as an example?

Yes, it would happen every now and then. Advertising can also be an extra value. And because of this ATS systems are great because recruiters can retailer all resumes there. So, if there is a new position opened, we will first check candidates in our database and if we find any person suitable, we will touch them immediately anddon’t essentially need to put it up for sale. What s the best way to apply for a job then? Company s profession web page, LinkedIn, or?

It is determined by the business, what type of companies you want to work for, what job you are searching for. Even the country you’re in (as an example, LinkedIn is well-liked in many nations, however now not in others). If anyone desires an overly particular job at a specific company, if that’s the case I would manner the corporate at once or the chief on LinkedIn. Or see if anybody in my community is attached to them and try that course. But if you do not know what you are in search of, then you can try different job boards. Is it a bonus to search for a hiring manager online and make contact with them without delay, for example, by means of LinkedIn?

It depends upon the scale of the company and whether or not you realize any person there. If you realize any person within the company or anyone can connect you, then sure, it can assist. Also, if it is a smaller corporate or a startup, they are much less prone to be the usage of an ATS, so direct is an effective way to move. But if it is a larger corporate, they almost undoubtedly use an ATS (with a few exceptions) and so they wish to forward your resume to their ATS anyway. So, you still might get rejected by means of the ATS, plus chances are you’ll annoy the hiring manager as a result of it’s any other bit of admin for them to care for. Oh, the scary ATS! ๐Ÿ˜€ What do you think about the myth that you’ll be able to get through the ATS if you’re qualified for the job?

These are in fact job search myths. Firstly, every resume makes it through the ATS. It’s a fantasy that ATSs filter out resumes. What they do is filter all incoming programs towards the job description vs. The individual s relevant working revel in, hard abilities, training, and so forth. At that level, your application will likely be rejected or given additional consideration. In the end, it’s approximately whether or not it’s ranked smartly and viewed by means of the recruiter.

And secondly, you’ll be able to have a job seeker who is an ideal are compatible for the location however possibly won’t rank top enough in the ATS because they fail to use keywords effectively on their resume. So, you should all the time tailor your resume to the specific job commencing, despite the fact that you imagine your self certified for the job. But because of this, firms may also leave out excellent applicants. Are ATS systems dependable then?

That’s a good query. And it is usually rather difficult. In principle, they are rather reliable, however, you’ve all other practices of the way recruiters use them, how customized they are, how exactly the filters are set, or how conscious job seekers are of tailoring their resume to ATS-pleasant practices. So, whilst the era itself is relatively reliable, it is the human facet that’s not necessarily reliable. Do quilt letters pass by means of ATS too? And is it real that quilt letters are lifeless they usually never get read?

They’re no longer useless, as such, and it’s still regarded as a courtesy to ship one. Conversely, it’s slightly actual that theydon’t at all times get that a lot consideration. They cross throughout the ATS too, but they re no longer as heavily weighted as a resume. Due to that reality, the cover letter would possibly not get observed anyway. Also, other people most often repeat the similar content they’ve on their resume, slightly than telling the reader why they are a great are compatible for that particular corporate as well as job. I know it takes time to tailor a cover letter, as well as it’s irritating as it will not be learn. But it’s better to err at the facet of warning, especially if this can be a job you in reality want.

So, they are not lifeless as well as they are checked out on occasion, but you have to write them smartly as well as want to come with related keywords without repeating your resume. Just get to the point and highlight what’s related for the placement. What if a company doesn’t ask specifically for a cover letter in the job description? Is it nonetheless a plus to send one?

I would probably send one anyway if the job application allows me to ship an extra record. However, we need to keep in mind that larger firms have giant HR teams, ATS programs, therefore they won’t read it anyway. But if it is a smaller company, it could possibly make you stand out and it is more private. Let’s now change the subject to social media. Is it true that your social media process can price you a job? Did you ever reject anyone on account of what you saw on his/her social media?

It evidently does occur that anyone will get rejected on account of their social media. I wouldn’t say that I even have rejected any person myself for that exact explanation why, but I actually have kind of felt that perhaps any individual wasnt the most productive fit. But I fairly interview them first as a result of a few people do just silly stuff online. But if it was once something actually bad, for instance racist, then sure, I might most probably reject them.

The reality is that your social media process can price you a job even if you already have one. I be mindful after I used to be operating in Germany, I individually knew of a company which employed anyone and most effective later checked the person’s Facebook profile and found racist feedback. That person was once working with foreigners. Needless to mention, they lost the job very quickly. Ouch! But I would have an interest to see what a standard job candidate s online take a look at seems like. I imagine that many job seekers wish to understand extra about it, too.

Pretty a lot every recruiter will have a look at your LinkedIn as a result of that’s a industry networking website online. You should certainly have a profile there as well as it can come up with extra credibility if you have a robust profile or related connections. On the other hand, for recruiters it is usually an effective way to truth-test. Sometimes folks write some things on their resume as well as on their LinkedIn, it is a totally different story.

When it involves things like Facebook or Instagram, some companies will take a look at you out. However, it is a private thing and I really feel like no corporate has the proper to invite you to look it (although some ask anyway). So, be very cautious approximately your other social media profiles, ideally make it non-public. In case you are making it public, then you wish to have to remember that a recruiter may check it out. What when you seek for a candidate on LinkedIn as well as to find out he/she doesn’t have a LinkedIn at all? Is it a crimson flag?

I might most likely be a little suspicious why they are not there these days. But it’s not a reason why to not interview anyone or reject them. It’s simply something that can leave a question mark. When a job seeker already makes it to the job interview, is it really anticipated from him/her to ship a thank-you observe after it? Does it take them a step nearer to getting employed?

It’s now not anticipated, but it’s all the time a courtesy. Some recruiters would possibly say Oh, he didn’t thank me and a few do not care. It actually depends upon the recruiter. So, I suppose it’s a courtesy as well as if you have time to do it, do it. Because not everyone will and it will possibly make you stand out. But at the same time, firms are also no longer essentially thanking job seekers for coming to a job interview. I assume it’s a -approach boulevard. I at all times say to my shoppers that the way you get handled at an interview is how you’ll more than likely get handled at the corporate. Key takeaways what job seek myths are authentic?

Did any of that marvel you? Here’s a rundown of what job search myths are actual and which ones are false: Your resume must be one page long. false. A web page resume is a regular, however it additionally varies according to industry, career degree, or nation. Longer resumes are not robotically brushed aside. You only have six seconds to provoke the hiring manager together with your resume. fake. It takes six seconds for them to test your resume for basic data. But it doesn’t suggest they would possibly not proceed studying after. Most jobs by no means get published. partially true. Companies may discover a suitable candidate in their database, via networking, or internally. There’s not at all times a need for them to market it. Whenever you’ve got an opportunity, method your dream company immediately. You’ll get past ATS if you are a just right candidate. false. Even if you are a really perfect candidate however fail to make use of relevant keywords in your resume, it may be ranked low by way of the ATS. Cover letters are useless, therefore do not bother writing one. false. Theydon’t get as a lot attention as resumes as well as now and again they will get lost sight of, but it is at all times a courtesy to send one. Especially if it is a smaller company, it will possibly make you stand out. Your social media activity can cost you a job. actual. You must be handiest visible on LinkedIn as well as make other social media profiles personal, no less than right through your job seek. You’re anticipated to send a thank-you notice after the interview. in part true. Some hiring managers be expecting it, some do not. But you’ll never pass fallacious with doing therefore.

Debunked common job seek myths with our recruiter? Perfect! Let’s keep that clarity as well as self belief flowing. Take a dive into our professional resume samples for suggestion as well as steerage in crafting a fable-busting job application.