Recruiter Reveals: This Is Why You Can't Get a Job (+What to Do About It)

Recruiter Reveals: This Is Why You Can’t Get a Job (+What to Do About It)

Imagine you have to get cast job search advice without delay from someone with revel in in recruiting and HR. Wouldnt that be useful? Now you’ll do just that thanks to our new interview series Recruiter Reveals! Every month I interview our resident HR skilled Christy Morgan on quite a lot of job seek subjects be it resumes, cover letters, job interviews, or anything marginally career related.

“We admire your interest but “

I realize, it sucks. But it happened to all of us.

First, it is not always your fault. And you definitely shouldn’t freak out after your first few rejections.

Second, although it was your fault, there are several ways the right way to improve and turn the tide for your desire.

Whether it is a job application rejection or a rejection after your first and even third-spherical of interviews, we’re going to explain what may well be the explanations at the back of it as well as the way to prevent it from happening at some point.

In this interview, you’ll in finding out: What may well be the explanations behind your rejections; Why sometimes it’s not your fault at all; How many rejections it takes to tell that you’re doing one thing improper; When to ask for comments; What you’ll be able to fortify in your facet; What to do when you had been ghosted; How to take advantage of out of your rejection; Why you will have to ship a thank-you e mail even though you didn’t get the job.
Let’s get started with unsuccessful job applications. What if I’ve already carried out for a job, how long must I wait for a answer?

I might say most often per week. Then apply up with a handy guide a rough message if you havent heard again. Do HR managers contact best possible candidates anddon’t respond to others or how does it normally work?

It depends on the corporate. In idea, they will have to contact all of the people who find themselves unsuccessful either through email or automated message via their ATS as well as allow them to recognize. But in fact, many simplest contact the candidates they’re inquisitive about because of the sheer collection of applications. Is that why you should always follow up?

Yes. Idon’t see any hurt in it. They can at all times say, We’re still reviewing applications or Sorry, you could have been unsuccessful . I assume that typically if theydon’t get back to you in multiple or two weeks, you most likely haven t been a hit because no corporate will allow a good candidate go. But it’s nonetheless courtesy to permit you to realize. So there is not any hurt in following up as well as asking them. Is it better to observe up via e mail or provide them a call?

In basic, the most productive is to send an e-mail because you have written evidence that you’ve got attempted to touch them, or the email can be forwarded directly to the individual handling the screening procedure. But if it’s a small company, now and again selecting up the phone is one of the best ways to move. Do you even have any suggestions on the right way to highest formulate the follow up e mail with out sounding too pushy?

Something along the traces of Dear X, I am just temporarily checking to see if there is any development on the XYZ job? I am still very fascinated with being considered. Thank you very a lot on your time. How many of these job application rejections are customary? And how do I realize if I am doing one thing mistaken?

This is a superb query. I assume you’ll get a feeling after a while. Definitelydon’t freak out after your first rejection. I have a shopper who were given rejected along with his first job application and he was like Oh it is a crisis. It should be the resume! No. I would say a minimum of 5 or 6 rejections is when you will have to start to look at the place issues might be going flawed. But in fact, this quantity also depends on how many jobs you might be applying for. What may well be the reasons at the back of these job application rejections?

I actually have to say the majority of programs which are rejected are most commonly down to two issues. One is within the candidate s regulate, one isn’t. First one is that a large share of other people observe for jobs they aren’t appropriate for. They’re like Idon’t in point of fact meet the necessities but I will supply it a check out. You never understand. But that is not the way it works. Then you ship 20 packages, most of which aren’t a just right fit, and then you’re depressed that you are getting rejected.

The 2d one is something that everybody has to be aware of, as well as it is that a large number of jobs these days get huuuge number of packages. It may well be a number of hundred programs, while bigger corporations can get thousands for one job. So on occasion that could be the reason you might be now not getting any response because they’re just coping with so many other folks.

While you’ll’t control what number of people are applying for the same job, you can keep watch over the kinds of jobs you apply for and ensure they are suitable. That should scale back the rejections. Can you’recall to mind other causes?

When I even have clients coming to me pronouncing it isn’t working, it is virtually all the time that they are making use of for jobs they’re not appropriate for. Or they have not adapted their resume to turn they are a just right are compatible. Recruiters are obviously going to reject you if you do not display them you may have the enjoy and abilities they need. Or simply the sheer choice of packages signifies that even though that you must be a good have compatibility, there might be different people who are a greater have compatibility, and so they’ve to draw the first round line someplace. Can I additionally get rejected on account of the unhealthy layout of my resume? Or provided that the content is weak?

You mustnt, unless you are a photograph dressmaker as a result of then your resume is showcasing your abilities. But basically, no. If you’ve gotten an off-putting layout, it will leave a fairly adverse affect, but when an organization is using an ATS machine, they may by no means see the unique anyway. ATS-pleasant content as well as relevance are more essential. Same applies for your cover letter. But if I had several job rejections, I should probably make some changes to my resume and cover letter, right?

If you might be applying for jobs which might be relevant and still getting rejected, then you definitely will have to make a few adjustments for your resume and cover letter and ensure they’re tailored in opposition to the job. Try to take into accounts what’s now not operating. Is it the kinds of jobs you are applying for? Is it one thing you’re now not appearing, corresponding to key phrases or revel in? Or is it too quick or long? Is it ATS-friendly? Are you making use of for jobs that are not practical? Are they in India as well as you’re in New Zealand? You recognise, having a look at most of these things as well as making an attempt to determine if there is a development there.

For instance, I had a client who wasnt getting any interviews therefore I took a have a look at his resume and could see he used to be taking numerous related element out. He said he didn’t need to bore recruiters with precise info in his resume, and that he can simply inform them the entirety throughout the interview. But you must tell them first. They have to know why you’re a great are compatible to interview you in the first position. Maybe he did not need to glance overqualified. Can you get rejected additionally because of that?

Yes, it may occur and this is an interesting one. There are recruiters out there who are scared of people who find themselves “overqualified”. They can do the job and bring numerous price to the corporate, but there’s this fear that the individual goes to become bored and go away. It’s more or less a strange mentality in one sense, as a result of numerous components give a contribution to retention, corresponding to being offered in-house opportunities for occupation expansion as well as construction.

But on the other hand, other people now and again apply for jobs they are really overqualified for, which can also be too much of a step again. For example, when you follow for an Administrator job however you might be an Operations Manager. At instances, many people want a alternate of surroundings, or to concentrate on circle of relatives lifestyles quite than career development. That s completely OK. But, except you explain that in your cover letter, you risk being rejected right away. So it once more comes right down to the truth that we should observe for the jobs for which we are the correct fit.

In general, sure. Does it also occur that job seekers do not practice application instructions and get rejected on account of that?

Yes, that can happen too, in particular when particular directions are given (e.G. “attach a resume best, no cover letter” or “simplest applicants who specify their salary expectations will probably be regarded as”.) It presentations you’ve learn the job description and can be aware of main points. But in concept, in case you are neatly certified, it should not disqualify you. But this again relies on the individual recruiter. There are a few who’ll say They did not follow the directions, therefore they re not suitable , however I wish that s rare. However, if you’re getting consistent rejections from all applications, it more than likely doesn’t have anything else to do with the instructions. In a nutshell, what would you counsel job seekers do when they’re getting many job application rejections or ignores?

Look at your resume as well as the roles you are making use of for to look if there’s a mismatch there. If youdon’t do resumes continuously and you are now not moderately positive, there’s resources like Jobscan where you’ll be able to throw for your resume and the job description as well as it’ll tell you how neatly optimized your resume is. It’s no longer perfect as well as the share they provide you with is somewhat bit questionable, but it will provide you with superb steering on what may well be improper as well as what to support.

Also, all the time have a look at the essential necessities phase, now not simply the fluff, because this tells you exactly what they are on the lookout for. That’s how they will compare your resume towards the job description and other applicants. You can possibly get away with one or two necessities missing if you happen to re an in a different way sturdy fit, but if it is a upper proportion, then assume again should you d like to use.

So, in a nutshell, practice for related jobs, make sure your resume is tailored, that you’re using essential key phrases, as well as check for different specifics comparable to visa requirements. Do additionally corporations put up a few positions which were already stuffed internally?

They might post a job once in a while that they need to fill internally, however they have got to publish it for various causes. There are always things like variety as well as equality, particularly in public region roles. Or if they wish to hire any person that wishes a visa. When I been residing in Ireland, this came about to me they had to market it my job once a year, despite the fact that I already held it. Poor job seekers who are going to use for these jobs!

Yes, unfortunately. Many instances you do not know what is happening behind the curtains. Many occasions you have to get through the ATS, you do not know who is applying, then youdon’t know whether the location is stuffed already. Sometimes, job looking is like playing Russian roulette. So in case my job application gets rejected, should I ask for comments?

At this degree, I would say no. Unless it is a small company. Firstly, they just do not have the time as well as secondly, it is higher to invite on the interview stage. But even then they would possibly not give you any feedback. A lot of recruiters this present day, specifically in america, are very inquisitive about being sued for discrimination. So they tend to not supply feedback at all. I do not know if that’s right or fallacious, but I understand all sides. I in finding it a courtesy to no less than allow job seekers recognize.

Yes, it should work that approach. But with the entire lawsuit tradition nowadays, corporations do get sued via folks for lots of causes. So they simply want to offer protection to themselves and I totally get that. Ok, permit’s now bypass to job interview rejections as such. After a job interview, how long should I wait for a corporation to get back to me?

I would say the similar period of time one week. But in general, recruiters will let you know at the finish of your interview what the following steps are and if they dont, there is no harm in asking them. If theydon’t get back to you inside that time period, upload someday at the most sensible of that and then apply up. In case you didn’t discuss the following steps, you’ll be able to email them after one week. Should one also follow up by way of e-mail in this case?

I could first email and if theydon’t reply inside of 2 days, supply them a choice. But e-mail is just right as written evidence, and in particular as it permits you to cc other folks which is able to steadily get you a sooner response. So, at your interview, try to bear in mind the names so you’ll cc others if wanted. How many submit-interview job rejections is it normal to obtain on moderate?

It in point of fact relies on what number of people are being interviewed. I mean, the chance of you getting a job isn’t like one hundred percent even if you’re interviewed. But the percentages of good fortune are higher compared to when you first despatched in your application. But while should I, as a job seeker, realize that I’m doing something incorrect?

I suppose after 5 or 6 rejections. Unless you are in a truly aggressive box the place it is very hard. Even if theydon’t come up with any feedback, you most likely can get a sense if there’s something incorrect on your aspect. What may well be the the explanation why I can not get a job?

Mostly as a result of there is just somebody who is a better fit than you. Culture have compatibility performs an important section. It might be that none of the applicants are suitable so everyone will get rejected. But normally it’s that your revel in is not as robust as somebody else’s. And that’s not a foul thing. The fact that you simply were interviewed implies that you’re stepping into the precise course. Maybe also because of poor interview talents?

Yes, unquestionably. If you are not expressing yourself really well, or you are awkward or if you seem like an individual that may be tough to work with, and so on. Being fearful is one thing. Recruiters expect it, thereforedon’t worry (recruiters are nervous once in a while, too!) But in case you simply can t specific yourself or come throughout as a deficient tradition are compatible, you have got a few issues to work on. I suppose it is hooked up to the job interview education that we have now talked about previous. When you prepare smartly, you then do not need this problem.

Exactly. Of course, you continue to may get frightened, but recruiters can see that you just got here ready as well as are trying. What about other reasons? Maybe if your salary requirements have been too prime?

That’s no doubt one thing. If you are asking for an excessive amount of in comparison to what they are able to offer, as well as gained negotiate (of course, you would not have to). Another explanation why could also be whether you want a visa. Or if you wish to have to work at home a few days per week as well as it wasnt in the job description. Things like that. But mostly, it comes down to enjoy and tradition are compatible. What to do if I get ghosted after a job interview?

Unfortunately, it does happen. Sometimes recruiters are busy, disregard, ordon’t wish to provide dangerous news. So they roughly hope you’ll get the message.There’scompletely no excuse for that form of conduct, however. Thankfully, most recruiters are professional and can get again to you.

If you assume you’re being ghosted, follow up with them after per week. And should you nonethelessdon’t get a reaction, at that point I would start to think if that’s the kind of corporate that I would love to work for. Because how they deal with you at this stage is probably how they’re going to treat you as an employee. I think that job seekers ceaselessly do not even want to achieve out to them anymore after they get ghosted.

Yes, it is really unlucky. The thing is, the web allows ever-vaster numbers of people to apply for jobs, which increases the recruiter s workload. But I think that on the interview level when you’ve had that non-public connection, you will have to permit that individual realize. Whether it’s certain or unfavorable. Because even after a rejection, that individual may have a good impression of your company for those who treat them politely. And they are going to say certain issues even though they are disenchanted. If you ghost them, they’ll no longer only no longer want to work to your company in long term, but you’ll be able to additionally damage your popularity. Because they could tell 10 other folks approximately their adverse revel in. When they let me realize that they picked some other candidate, can I ask for feedback at this stage?

Yes, you’ll ask them with a proof that you would love to enhance in your next job interviews. But be mindful that they may not give you any because of lawsuit fears. Or maybe they liked you but any person else in the panel didnt, therefore they do not need to say that to you. It’s just right to invite, but you may not get a response. What can job seekers do higher at the job interview level?

If theydon’t provide you with feedback, then it is more than likely not your fault. If they provide you with feedback on what was flawed, then you’ll work on that. Or if there were a couple of rejections, you’ll often see a trend there by yourself. Maybe it is only approximately practicing your interview talents as well as coming higher prepared. And how can they build bridges instead of burning them?

Rejection isn’t great, but you can care for it definitely. So even supposing you get rejected, simply say thanks for letting you understand. Something like Thank you for your time, I in point of fact preferred this chance to learn extra approximately your company and the job. I would still be really keen on any roles that may be to be had sooner or later, therefore please bear me in mind. Thank you such a lot once once more. Should you send a apply up electronic mail after each and every unsuccessful job application? Or handiest whilst you get rejected after a job interview?

At the start of the appliance process the place you generally only get a standard rejection, it isn’t necessary. Once it gets to the personal connection degree, then I really feel love it should be much more private. That’s whilst you can send a rejection practice up. How can job seekers make the most out of the rejection?

Turning it into a positive like we’ve simply mentioned. Not burning any bridges is essential. If they provide you with any feedback, take that on board. And then if you are doing different interviews and you see a identical trend, it’s something to work on. And if nothing else, it is also good for interview practice, that’s at all times positive.

It’s additionally great for networking. If you could have interviewed with them, attach on LinkedIn. Usually, I advocate to wait until after the interview they usually ve made their choice, so it doesn’t seem pushy. Then you can attach, thank them, and ask them to endure you in thoughts for long term alternatives. Isnt it just a little weird to connect to a recruiter on LinkedIn once I was rejected?

Not in point of fact. Because you’re a potential candidate at some point besides. If you do it after your job interview as well as when you already were given comments, when in concept youdon’t have anything to gain, then it seems sure. So are you able to apply for a job at the identical corporate even though you have been unsuccessful some time ago?

Sure, you’ll be able to. There’s no hurt in it. A lot of companies even nonetheless have your resume on record for a definite time. And specifically should you interviewed there, I’d attempt to contact the HR individual immediately with something like Hi X, I interviewed for Y job last year. I saw any other improbable opening and I’d be really . Should I observe online or could you settle for my updated resume immediately? And see what they say. That’s the place having a favorable dating with that individual through ending the former interview definitely is useful.
Key takeaways: Why you’ll be able to’t get a job as well as what to do about it

Job application rejections: How many rejections is too much: five or six rejections. Reasons: Two major causes are making use of for jobs that you’re incorrect for or too many people making use of for the same job. Other reasons may well be that your resume is weak, it is not tailored to the job, or that you did not practice the applying directions in moderation. Or perhaps the position used to be already filled (or can be crammed) internally. What to make stronger: Apply for relevant jobs, be sure that your resume is adapted to each place, that you are the usage of vital key phrases, and do not overlook to check explicit things like visa requirements.

Job interview rejections: How many rejections is just too many: 5 or 6 rejections, unless you’re in a in point of fact aggressive box. Reasons: Mostly as a result of there may be somebody who is a greater fit than you. Sometimes, it will also be due to bad interview skills or if your wage expectancies have been too top and also you didn’t display any flexibility on that. What to beef up: If they do not come up with feedback, then it is most certainly no longer your fault. If they provide you with comments on what used to be flawed, then you can work on that. Or if there were multiple rejections, you can look for a pattern on your own. Maybe it is only approximately working towards your interview talents and coming higher ready.