Resume Lingerie and Guerrilla Executive Job Search


Is your job search falling flat? Maybe its time to check out an unconventional method.

In a Reach Personal Branding teleseminar I attended the day past, Guerrilla Job Search Gurus Kevin Donlin as well as David Perry of Guerrilla Job Hunting, laid out a variety of cutting edge tactics that experience helped them get people into jobs rapid.

Because maximum job seekers use conventional strategies, when you step outside the norm, you may be able to position yourself above your pageant.

Along with such methods as resume lingerie as well as zigging while everybody else is zagging, theyve innovated the “Coffee Cup Caper” and the “Trojan Thank You Letter”.

Read about all 11 strategies in my post, Resume Lingerie as well as 10 Other Guerrilla Job Search Strategies over at my Executive Career Brand blog.