Resume of Homer Simpson (Infographic)

Have you ever questioned what resume of Homer Simpson could seem like? Here, you may be stimulated by way of this lazy, beer-loving character. Shockingly, his experiences quilt almost every discipline you can think of…

According to interview with Matt Groening, Homer has had 188 jobs in the first 400 episodes.

Homer’s default job is in Springfield’s nuclear energy plant.

His role is called safety inspector, even though he doesn’t take it too critically. Intruth, he has precipitated numerous nuclear meltdowns, became fired and quitted for a few times and he eventook Mr. Burns’s place as a director.

Everyone who loves The Simpsons knows, that Homer’s revenue is quite common.

His own family has average house, cheap vehicle as well as sometimes it’s tough for them to pay the payments.

In one episode, Homer’s paycheck is revealed. His earnings is $24,395.Eighty earlier than deduction as well as $18,833.88 after deduction.

Springfield nuclear electricity plant works on a principle of boiling water. It is the main source of strength in the Springfield.

The owner Charles 1st viscount montgomery of alamein Burns isn’t always the kindest character you could believe. Power plant is maintained very poorly.

An inspection discovered 342 violation, which would value approximately $56 millionto fix. Mr. Burns isn’t always going to spend this sort of cash on safety.

Homer’s job relationships are commonly nice. His favourite co-people are Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson.

After the Work, they commonly dangle out inside the Moes Tavern. Homer has had enemies in the job as nicely. One of the most notorious become Frank Grimes. His hatred against Homer turned into so robust, he ended up with craziness and unintended suicide.

Enjoy this lovely resume of Homer Simpson. You sure could be astonished with the aid of the variations of his Work enjoy.

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