Resume of Leonardo DiCaprio: Surprising Facts You Didnt Know

It took Leonardo DiCaprio 22 years and 21 blockbuster movies to touch the Oscar gold, however it without a doubt became a moment really worth looking forward to. Here is resume of Leonardo DiCaprio!

There’s been so much talk approximately Leo winning an Oscar like possibly in no way before inside the whole film history.

The net turned into flooded with Leo vs. Oscar jokes weeks earlier than the Oscar rite, but as expected, Leo s triumphing prompted an avalanche of memes, gifs, tweets, etc. That immediately broke the net.

One can handiest marvel whether it might make any difference if he didn’t win (we assume no longer).

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the few actors who managed to step out of the shadow of their first large film s achievement.

He got rid of the Jack from Titanic label pretty quick way to his outstanding acting expertise, strength of performance and his exceptional film taste.

And he has a special present for death in movies – his characters nearly constantly die onscreen. Poor Leo!

Leo is surely a living legend. He s a excellent actor and he s by no means actually been in a awful movie (except for Don s plum possibly).

He actively facilitates store the surroundings. He s devoting all his social media content material to stating weather change and deforestation issues.

He s not your usual superstar, he keeps his non-public life private. He loves his mum. He’s still hot at forty one. Well, you have to love him.

And because we all need extra of excellent Leonardo, check out our infographics for extra Leo statistics!

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