TikTok Resumes: The What, The Why & The How

When the TikTok app ventured into the internet global in 2017, few other folks most likely anticipated it to be an amazing luck or even fewer will have predicted the upward thrust of TikTok resumes.

But the fast-shape, video-sharing social media app briefly was liked by means of celebrities, teenagers, adults, and even firms in the case of sharing a laugh clips.

And earlier in 2024, TikTok set up a extra prolonged video setup element that lets you create resumes that show off your abilities, historical past, as well as long term career goals.

TikTok? A job application and skill recruitment platform? Yep. It’s onerous to imagine now, however it’s the reality.

This article covers everything you need to be told about TikTok resumes, including easy methods to make one and why you might need to soar in this opportunity.
What is a TikTok resume?

A TikTok resume is harking back to the private narrative essays you were assigned to jot down again in highschool, excluding in video shape.

TikTokers utilize the TikTok app, add movies, and practice the hashtag #TikTokResumes, to exhibit their skills, abilities, training, and professional aspirations.

You can also comprise contact information comparable to email addresses or phone numbers as well as your LinkedIn profile.

There are several benefits as well as a couple of hazards to using a TikTok resume:Pros of a TikTok resume A personal touch: You can accentuate your persona and inventive abilities successfully.Simplicity: The resume importing process is simple, especially for seasoned TikTokers.More bang in your buck: You can upload resumes to hundreds of imaginable employers as a substitute of just one at a time.Your resume video would possibly cross viral.Cons of a TikTok resume No narrowing of the sphere: You can t observe for a particular job, therefore if your dream career company is not the use of TikTok or doesn’t occur to see their explicit video, your resume will never succeed in them.No privateness: Since you’ll need to keep your profile public so attainable employers can view it, uploading a resume approach an business enterprise can view the entire TikToks attached for your resume’s account.Why (and while) should you create a TikTok resume?

Naturally, there is a time as well as a spot for a TikTok resume and a standard resume.

Most jobs will nonetheless require a standard resume right through the interview process, despite the fact that the corporation discovered you during the TikTok app. And since TikTok is in the early phases of running this option, there are not a lot of employers the use of it but.

Still, there’s some companies hiring on TikTok, so you should imagine creating a TikTok resume if: You’re focused on an organization that is hiring on TikTokYou re on the lookout for a job at an access or mid-stage position in areas like social media marketing, freelance picture design, or model.

In that case, a TikTok resume might be the easiest solution to get your identify in the market.Who is these days hiring on TikTok?

Currently, there are a selection of startups recruiting on TikTok. However, there are well known, set up corporations too.

You can to find the following corporations hiring at the TikTok platform: ChipotlePopSugarAbercrombie & FitchTargetHow to create a TikTok resume

Creating a TikTok video resume would possibly not be as overwhelming as chances are you’ll assume when you follow these five steps:Create a certified TikTok profile.

Since potential employers will see all the movies you upload on TikTok, it is better to have a devoted profile in particular for TikTok job searching. Set your “set”.

Find just right lightning and a pro, quiet vicinity. You too can design your set around the vibe of the job you want (whether it is more skilled or more creative). Roll digicam.

Choose the video length you wish to have in your TikTok resume and write a script. 

Practice it a couple of occasions as well as as soon as you are prepared, film it either on TikTok or for your telephone. Edit the video.

If there are some parts that aren’t related, cut them out. You can also upload captions in your talking, heritage song, or a generated dynamic QR code for your PDF resume. Publish it and find a job.

Once your video draft is able, put up it on TikTok. Also, add an @ for firms you’re serious about operating for, as well as related hashtags like #TikTokResumes or #JobApplication.

See? Easy.

Let’s talk about each step in additional detail!Step 1: Create a qualified TikTok profile

It’s very important to keep in mind that prospective employers can see all the videos you upload to your TikTok account because you’ll have to make the sharing atmosphere public.

So when you like to make zany, ridiculous videos or partake in the newest peculiar traits, you may want to imagine creating a distinct account particularly for TikTok job hunting.

And along the traces of professionalism, you can additionally wish to be sure your profile image is skilled as well as we could your future corporation recognize you’re occupied with landing a job.Step 2: Set your set

Before you start filming your TikTok resume, you’ll want to guarantee that the location you choose to movie is professional, quiet, as well as litter-unfastened.

Design your set across the vibe of the job you need. If you’re on the lookout for a professional setting profession, you might want a collection in front of a whiteboard or a table.

If you’re searching for one thing more inventive, let your place match that aesthetic.

Another quick tip, as all great performers understand, you will have to in finding your light! Good lighting is paramount therefore the organisation can see you at your best. Step 3: Roll digicam

Finally, you should choose the video duration you wish to have in your TikTok resume as well as write a script (we’ll display you one within the next bankruptcy).

Be certain to observe the script as well as take into account that there is not any rule that your video should be filmed as well as uploaded in one take.

Start and forestall as time and again as you need till it is highest. You can either film your resume without delay in TikTok (should you’re confident sufficient) or file it one by one to your phone and upload it later.
Step 4: Edit the video

Once you’ve filmed your video resume, you want to edit it. If there are some parts which, in hindsight, you recognize aren’t related, then minimize them out. This will also be achieved thru TikTok itself or the usage of apps like ViaMaker or Beecut.

TikTok also has lots of a laugh filters as well as special effects for you to add, but possibly it’s easiest not to upload them, or to at least use them moderately. You re seeking to be professional, be mindful?

But one thing you should surely upload is captions to your talking. That way, potential employers can concentrate to what you’re pronouncing and browse along too, in case they leave out anything.

You may just also upload song on your video resume so long as you be sure that the lyrics are appropriate and that the song doesn’t drown out what you’re announcing. It must be within the history reasonably than the big name of the display (that s you).

Another tip for your video resume is to incorporate a QR code for your PDF conventional resume that potential employers can experiment.Step 5: Publish it and discover a job

Once your video draft is in a position, you can publish it on TikTok.

Also, upload an @ for companies you are involved in operating for, as well as the suitable hashtag (#TikTokResumes, #JobSearch, #HireMe, #JobApplication).

As making use of for jobs on TikTok isn’t as simple as filling out an application, your TikTok video resume also needs to hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile or your current touch information.

Companies will then achieve out to you if they re thinking about talking with you more.TikTok resume template

Talking about yourself may also be tough, so you may want a template to start from for your TikTok resume.Part one

Your first line must take hold of the enterprise’s attention, like a standard resume as well as cover letter. A TikTok resume should start together with your absolute best career accomplishment.

For example, chances are you’ll say:
Part three

After you have outlined your most significant accomplishments and related work experience, you’ll in brief summarize who you’re as a person.

You could end off like this, for example:
Short and sweet.Wrapping up

Most importantly, have amusing with it all! The largest attribute to creating a resume video is that you simply get to turn who you’re as well as speak for your self as a substitute of letting a piece of paper do that.

I like finishing off with confidence, like:
Best TikTok resume examples

This TikTok resume is a superb instance of adding textual content in your resume to add creativity and personalization.@charlietiktokapplication

Part 3 – The startup revel in #tiktokcareer#videoresume#tiktokhr

♬ unique sound – Charlie W (泰国) – Charlie W (泰国)

Another great example of a TikTok video resume that uses text to highlight key info:@briseaberg

TikTok, here’s my resume📋 #tiktokpartner #tiktokresumes

♬ unique sound – Bri

This TikTok resume is a smart instance of putting the voice on the most important thing you! @makena.Yee

Here are the reasons why YOU will have to rent me!Don’t be shy, let s get in touch. #tiktokresumes #tiktokpartner

♬ unique sound – MAKENA

Be sure to take some time and look at all of the TikTok video resumes published to be inspired.