Two common errors and Be Concise!

Nothing gets your resume thrown within the trash faster then a spelling, grammar or punctuation mistake. Make certain you have got study via your resume and quilt letter with a satisfactory tooth comb. Below are two of the the maximum common causes resume mistakes I see.

Than vs. Then – Than is used for evaluation, then is used for pretty lots everthing else.

Two, To, and Too – Two is quite clean maximum humans do now not mess this one up however the other two can be a little trickier. Justdon’t forget that ‘Too’ approach in excess or also. I actually have too many shirts or I want to buy groceries too. For everthing else use ‘to’.

Dont neglect to test your punctuation as properly, youdon’t want to miss a period at the cease of a sentence.

Let’s also touch on being concise to your resume. Here is a superb instance of what I suggest:

Long Version: I handled the operations of the store every day.

Concise Version: Daily Store Operations

Long Version: Responsible for the dealing with of customer accounts, interacting with customers and answering questions and processing the every day cash transactions.

Concise Version:Directed account management, patron interplay, and cash handling.

In resume writing it is satisfactory which you aren’t too wordy as well as that you utilize key phrases. Inthe sentences above key phrases are account control, client interaction, and coins dealing with.

If I am doing a search on Monster or Careerbuilder as well as I need an account supervisor with cash dealing with experience that’s what I’m typing in to the quest bar: Account supervisor, Cash handling. Your resume would be the first to pop up and that is the purpose proper? Ultimately, we all need to be the most qualified for the location.