Update from Vilnius. Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Lithuania in 2021

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World is simply a Global Headhunting Network that is currently active in over forty international locations. During q4, we are going to undergo those nations one at a time, normally interviewing the Country Manager or the CEO of the u . S . A . In question.

We have the delight to visit the beautiful Vilnius nowadays, we’re right here to interview the Group CEO of Simplika as well as CVO Lithuania nowadays. But before we get started out with the interview, allows get a global imaginative and prescient of the data regarding the Recruitment Market and Labor situation in Lithuania in 2024.

At the start of 2024, Lithuania had 2.790.000 permanent residents. On 1 February 2024, the wide variety of the unemployed inside the usa changed into 282,000, or 16.4% of the u . S . S operating-age population. 20,seven hundred process offers are registered in the Employment Service s information device as of January 2024. The largest range of jobs changed into offered by groups engaged in processing industry (23%), transport and storage (18%), administrative and help carrier activities (14%), creation (13%) and wholesale and retail trade and restore of motor cars (eleven%).

One 0.33 (31%) of the process offers registered in January have been for skilled people and craftsmen, 23% for operators as well as assemblers of equipment and machinery, 19% for unskilled workers, five% for service as well as income workers.

Job gives for experts and control employees accounted for 19% of the vacancies registered in January. In January 2024, the biggest variety of job offers within the institution of specialists and management personnel had been registered for advertising as well as administration experts, stock clerks, administrative and govt secretaries, production managers, accounting as well as bookkeeping clerks, accountants, bookmakers, nursing professionals, junior social employees, and mechanical engineers.

Inthe organization of skilled employees and provider and income people, the best call for changed into for heavy truck as well as lorry drivers, vehicle, taxi as well as van drivers, painters, keep assistants, welders, carpenters as well as joiners, tailors, agricultural as well as business equipment mechanics as well as repairers, plumbers and pipeline installers, as well as developers. (supply)Headhunting and Recruitment Market in Lithuania

The employment Rate in Lithuania expanded to 71.90 percentage inside the 2d area of 2024 from seventy one.Forty percentage within the first zone of 2024.

The following professionals are most possibly to find Work in 2024: generalist clinical practitioners, electric engineering technicians, electrical engineers, production supervisors as well as foremen, expert clinical practitioners, early early life teachers, engineering specialists, junior social workers, mechanical engineering technicians, mechanical engineers, sales representatives, mail and associated clerks, number one college instructors, psychologists, stock clerks, nursing experts, social employees and consultants, unique wishes instructors, creation supervisors as well as foremen, civil engineers, construction managers, commercial as well as manufacturing engineers.

The following employees will even have giant employment opportunities: personal healthcare assistants, concrete placers and concrete finishers, carpenters as well as joiners, insulation people, electric technicians and electric fitters, ground layers as well as tile setters, bakers and confectioners, wood processing plant operators, woodworking system device setters and operators, butchers as well as fishmongers, metal operating system device setters and operators, building as well as different electricians, bricklayers, industrial and agricultural machinery technicians and repairers, tailors, furriers and hatters, residence developers, heavy truck as well as lorry drivers, welders, plasterers, plumbers and pipe fitters, cooks, earthmoving and related plant operators. (supply)

A very comprehensive list of data as well as records at the exertions market giventhat 1988 can also be determined at the official European Unions website on records, known as Eurostat at this hyperlink: ://ec.Europa.Ecu/eurostat/net/lfs/statistics/database

Statista offers us additionally an outline of the unemployment rate in Lithuania within the ultimate many years:The unemployment price in Lithuania from 1999 to 2024 – Statista

Next, we’re going to interview the Group CEO of Simplika as well as CVO Lithuania, Ms. Akvile Kazliene. Akvile has been main the Group for over seven years now. We have the satisfactionto interview her nowadays regarding the scenario of the Market in 2024 in Lithuania.

How are you today Akvile? Thank you for being with us these days. First of all, how are you and the way was the summer time?

We had an exceedingly heat summer time this yr as well as this gave us all of the possibility to recharge ourselves by using enjoying the weather as well as spending a number of time out of doors. The possibility to journey or do other activities I did earlier than the pandemic, gave me the feeling of freedom as well as pleasure.

How might you comment on the primary half of 2024?

We had a in reality rapid financial system healing and growth, which led lifestyles lower back to a brand new regular.

Businesses observed their approaches to hold their activities in submit pandemic environment and most of the industries are residing their best years to this point, meals catering and hospitality have beenthe ones who suffered the most.

Yet the top notch summer time undoubtedly impacted their activities as properly. Our recruitment and employees leasing offerings (EOR) are inside the highest call for ever.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with World as it provides us with a global view as well as knowledge of where the general recruitment enterprise is going as well as a wide network of partners who are usually inclined to aid us on any clients need in many nations global.

How do you spot the second one part of 2024? And what about 2024?

Business adjusted to the new manner of working, offering a hybrid kind of Work, yet asking employees to come back to the workplaces at the least two times according to week.

We take a look at that during maximum instances, personnel instead stay at home than visit the places of work.

Talent shortage nevertheless stays a very huge issue and we examine some other trend, eighty% of all candidates request flexible Work or completely far flung work, as a number one priority.

Therefore, I accept as true with that employers will want to offer flexibility, as opposed to demanding to return returned to the places of work.

The venture will continue to be how to provide an effective and fast integration of new skills that require onboarding, even as at the equal time maintaining as well as flourishing a brand new far flung (mainly), business enterprise culture.

In addition, I do believe that employers want to invest a great deal more into growing employees abilties and abilities. It is time to prevent looking ahead to the appropriate candidate and to start starting up upskilling as well as reskilling applications.

What are the industries which might be hiring the most?

I do now not realize any enterprise which is not hiring these days ?.

The maximum booming industries are generation, e-trade, various again-workplace operation facilities, Fintech, engineering, production as well as logistics.

Their organizations are inside the highest demand for boom and so as for the employer to develop, the attraction of latest abilties is a should.

What are the jobs that agencies are needing the maximum?

IT developers, recruiters (specially IT), engineers, statistics analysts, commercial enterprise analysts, finance roles (accountants with English language), AML as well as compliance roles, sales specialists.

Nowadays to find an office administrator is a large mission as nicely. Employers are nonetheless looking for tough talents but hiring for tender skills like vital questioning, rapid gaining knowledge of, flexibility, true written as well as spoken communique, capability to collaborate, potential to make a decision as well as problem-solving, creativity, leadership.

What about the candidate market?

I am operating within the recruitment enterprise for more than 15 years as well as I have never visible something comparable within the hard work marketplace earlier than, as we’ve got the scenario today.

In July we hit the report of to be had open jobs within the marketplace inside 20 years, which leads to severe exertions shortage as well as call for.

Governmental institutions paid out compensations as well as loads of humans quit their jobs at the beginning of this summer without a intentionto search for some other activity.

Therefore, we had a crazy summertime, with excessive call for from the enterprise and a large warfare to attract the candidates. I am hopeful, that autumn will carry some balance to the market subsequently.

What would you assert are the pinnacle reasons groups must select to work with CVO Lithuania and Simplika, over a few different gamers inside the marketplace?

All people are marketplace specialists with huge ardour for recruitment.

In all of the cases we attempt to apprehend the clients want and to mirror with the pleasant feasible answer.

We seek for the long time partnership and we overtly percentage our knowledge as well as marketplace insights with our partners.

We promise nice, partnership and accept as true with.

Thank you on your time Akvile!

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